Stop Putting people in wrong sector......

This is seriously annoying.


we do squads and without squads.


We search to fight on jericho sector, right now wx-22, map : Pandora anomaly


other sector is wx-57 map : destroyed stations


okay so i have been searching against jericho the last days. 10 of the matches i get matched in a 4v4 against ESB continiously. with our squad. i talked with someone in esb they said they where in federation.


but i meet them in both sectors i search. i search for wx-22 and i end upp in wx-57. actually just the Map explains that aswell as the players. happends both ways. i can search wx-57 and end upp against wx-22. (bs)


i see wolfpack now in federation. i guess they changed aswell ;] (unless they never where in jericho or empire)


its not all games we loose against them. but mostly cause rest of teammates can be t3 to t5. 


aswell as in regular games alot of the t5 games there is a bounch of t4 and also someone t3. and they all just disconnect when they matched with t5. so our team gets lack of players. soo many tier 4 in tier 5 matches now. 


and implant r14 federation, did that get fixed? still looked like 3 seconds. and not 7*


If a player disconnects in sector conquest and the team wins (the player and corporation gets that as a WIN (should be loss) did a test in corp in sector 3v3. one DC since beginning. we captured 2 beacons, enemy captured 2 of us aswell. but our match equals 12 points. = 3 players 4 points each. 


aswell as Attack drones is impossible to hit with coil mortar. (fix it)

Sectors are mixed to make queues shorter.


With mixed I mean, you can attack a Jericho map and fight a Federation team.

Sectors are mixed to make queues shorter.


With mixed I mean, you can attack a Jericho map and fight a Federation team.


Or vice versa. 

ESB seems to be a constant, because we have up to 7 full Squads running for SQ. 

then whats the point of being able to choose sectors.


just to make it look better…

Exactly, it makes no sense. If it allows you to choose a sector like Jericho, you should not be fighting Federation. Which is also the cause that 80% of the corporations are now Empire, because all 3 early dominant corps were Empire too.


Queues are short enough I think, but I don’t know how that would work if you want to fight Empire (as Jericho) but get attacked by Federation at the same time. Which game will you be matched in? Now that’s a good question… So how does defending or attacking work anyway? Is there a difference? It’s still very confusing.

The “shared queue no matter what sector you select” rules were implemented for a reason, but it wouldn’t hurt if there would be a clear instructions how the current meta works. How you get loyalty from both sectors, what it matters to select different sector, and so on…

It actually does matter, which sector you pick. But it doesn’t matter whom you fight. Even if you fight a federation team, when you picked a Jericho sector, your win will still count towards the Jericho sector and the Federation one. So if you intend to fight for the Jericho sector, pick it. The mechanics allow you to fight against all teams just to shorten the wait time in queues. It is a good thing, or else we’d wait much longer again…