Stop mixing tiers

This has been going on for ages and still nothing has been done about it.


There is a significant difference between tiers (mostly weapon and module damage) and yet you still seem to let higher tier ships in games in with lower tier ones; where they don’t belong. Star conflict already is in the grey area when it comes to whether you can call it pay to win and when it comes to higher tiers, that are only realistically obtainable by paying significant amounts for licences/DLC, being put in lower tier games- then it basically becomes pay to win. I can only hope you care about fair fights not about people paying to get to as high tier as possible and will give this the attention it needs.


Thank you.

You think you were the first to ask this?

I was complaining about that in general chat yesterday. The game basically forces me to play garbage ships to face only at most, mid next tier of what im flying. So it is kinda hard you see? Trying to smash some T3 R8 ship with a R4 ship. Still many times we manage to win, but doesnt feel rewarding since we have triple the frustration for being killed with a xxxx from octopusses and other stuff T2’s dont have. (like emergency barrier on inties)

What’s even more weird is that 2 squads of the same count and rank are separated and sent up-tier…

T1/T2 mixing isn’t that bad, but there is ahellova lot of difference from that point on. T3 opens up a great deal of utility to chassis that simply out pace in every way a T2 variant. This theme continues up the chain of course.

Mixing the tiers is odd and hard to explain to newer players in the local chat.

Yep, Mixed tiers where always an issue. And it still is. Most opt for the idea of having T1/2 locked and T3 and above semi mixed with a limited rank +/- ships. 

0.8.# MM was pristine

0.8.# MM was pristine


Oh yes, it was.