Stop letting lower tier ships queue for mission at higher tech levels

It is completely unfair to have us queue at a higher tech level, if one of the t4 ships dies then there is no way to pick up their slack. In addition, we don’t even get the same t4 rewards, just trash t4 items we cant yet use, our payout is still t3.


If we are forced into t4 scenarios we should be receiving the same t4 money and our damage, resists, etc should all be scaled to t4. There is no benefit to us right now to do these missions and because of the difficulty it is almost always a failed attempt.


Please stop wasting our time with these nearly impossible missions.

From what I’ve read and played, there is no T3 scenario.


All ships of T3 and T4 queue into the T4 mission.

There is no real T3 scenario. T3/T4 get queued into T4. If you pick T2/T3 ships you will be put into T2 scenario.

Don’t forget you can sell those T4 loots for like 60k+ too, so you do still get more rewards :wink:

The way to solve this is just to go pvp.