Stingray is op

Well, i think the Stingray is at least too strong. if you can pull out a Plasma beam every 15 seconds and can take out a destroyer own with relative ease. you should think of nerfing it. the stingray is really anoying and defenetly too strong.



I should mention that i mean a lvl 14 destroyer

stop, we’ve had enough of this in the past, every time some Ace complains something is OP they get a following, and then the next thing we know another fine option has been ruined because a few players don’t understand counterplay

Stingray and covert ops counter unaware destroyers. Thats how life is.

Stingrays have a hard time vs proxi mortar guards and decent tacklers.

  1. Stick with your teammate.

Stingray chose you as a target since you are too far away from your teammate or too static.


Even Stingray is fast ship, she cannot endure under heavy firepower of your teammate.


  1. Use your Wormhole.

If you see Stingray come to you、release your wormhole toward your teammate. Then Stingray cannot do anything at all.




Stingray is made of wet paper and acts more like fat interceptor than a fighter. Sure, Entropy Generator and Sting deal enormous damage to destros, but only to destros. Its rather useless to anything else.
Single Pyro at your back or Blaster Turret and Stingray is toast, it cannot cloak like Covie.

On one end i see stingrays deepdiving into my “teams”, wiggling into oblivion and plasma-arcing everything in their path and for some reason all those tacklers and “aware” players get killed like they are wet paper and if that’s not enough, it has a cheapo getaway warp jump because, why not? And on the other end the ship is squishy and easily killed, it’s just i dont see it happen for some reason. 

Despite the fact that I have that ship, I never use it. I play only highest rank pvp and will not fit it into my slots, plus am not very confident with gunships.
I don’t see it as a real threat, nor will worry about engaging with one, I would worry of course about any ship that the player knows what they are doing. In short, I do nt see the Sting as a game breaker, what I do see as a plague are the ECM and the way are spammed with their multiple controlling effects. A sick joke if you ask me, a troll ship that is meant only to infuriate and nothing more.

17 minutes ago, ComWittman said:

A sick joke if you ask me, a troll ship that is meant only to infuriate and nothing more.


gunships are a better ambushing class than tacklers are. if you get caught in their abilities its pretty much a given you’re going to die if they can aim at all. Stingrays are really good at chopping logs. Lots of people don’t know how to play the game. If that bothers you instead of crying about how “op” the stingray is, if its a real problem in your games, dedicate yourself to killing them. Do a good enough job and the stingrays in your game will avoid you if they have half a brain which will create a sort of protective bubble for the unawares and low skilled teammates in your proximity. There are pretty much two roles in random battles. log chopper and log protector. pick one and get good at it.