SteamID loaded and linked email with nothing.


   I am trying to get on the test server but, my email linked to my steam account is showing 0 progression.  My steam account has plenty acquired and am wishing both accounts to share the same progression is this possible?  I thought that’s what the account linking was?  I was really hoping to get some time in the new mission before it’s launch.



first, have you already use your Gaijin star conflict account before? by that I mean if you have already logged in the game with it? If yes then you’ll need to create a new gaijin account using a new email then run the game via steam using your steam account and link it to your freshly created account. (do not run the game with your new gaijin account before linking it! otherwise, you’ll have to start again)


2nd, if you never run star conflict using your gaijin account just follow these steps:


feel free ask more question if needed!

Is there a way possible to fix the current email? I don’t consider e-mail accounts disposable and prefer to only use the one?

Sadly in order to creat a new account you need to use another email address

I can’t do that.  The adjoining email is 18 years old. There’s no way it’s impossible to not reset the account…  It’s not even played on.

On 06.05.2018 at 3:09 AM, LackofaNoun said:

I can’t do that. 

Contact to support please