Steam Service Interaction Login Error

I use Star Conflict through Steam and today I tried to log in, but it tells me “Lost connection to server. Reason: Steam service interaction error.” I just need help figuring out what the problem is. I’ve already took down my Firewall to test if that was it, but with no luck.

Yes this seems to be an issue. I’ve been having the same problem since around 12md eastern time. Steam service interaction error. Other games like no more room in hell are working fine. Were “grounded” hopefully not for long. I’ve downloaded some of the steam games for linux-ubuntu and Im liking this the best.


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Yep right now you cannot login via Steam. If your account is linked with your Gajin Account you can login via Gajin. 

Login via Gajin: execute the game.exe file in your folder where Star Conflict is installed (usually that is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\star conflict).


I strongly recommend linking your Gaijin Account with Steam as this is not the first time that happened and you don’t have to rely on Steam to play the game.


Right now are only 170 players online. Usually there are at least 400 online.

I opened a ticket with Gaijin support I hope they fix it soon. It is almost pointless to play right now. Except T1 and T2 everything is dead.

I validated my files through steam and I was able to get in after that.

They have fixed around an hour ago.


I just got the error again. Cmon guys not today! I can log into steam and play other games, wazzup?


Just did all the morning house crap for the wife and put the baby to sleep. I have like 2 hours to play,



Looks like the problem is back…Error: Lost connection to service due to steam Service Interaction error.

Looks like something similar to [my thread](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24065-unable-to-connect-to-server/).

Same here.


Error message all night…



You guys log out?  Two “words,” alt-tab.

Hey guys, since Update 1.0.1 I have the same problem.


Will open a ticket to support. Hope they will fix it soon. Will post here what the problem was.