Steam Page Concerns

I really like Star Conflict and think it has a lot of potential. I created a Corporation called Hastati Squadron and got my friends to join it and play with me and joined the forum and subreddit. That said, the Steam page really concerns me. Having $150 worth of day one DLC is a great way to make a bad first impression. No DLC should ever be that expensive, especially immediately when it releases. There is also a lack of gameplay videos and only a mere 5 pictures on the page. 


p.s. I am also confused as to why it is even on Steam in the first place because the game is still in beta, correct? I don’t want this to turn into a nightmare like The War Z was.

War Z was a buy to play, so it’s a different story.

I dont like the term dlc for these packs, rather call them starter packs. Most of the f2p games have these in the start.

As I see these pack dont give you any significant advantage. 

I think a DLC is a “u want that or else u loose valuable content” and not like the starter packs where you get 

credit which can be bought separately


a few special ship skins (i did not compared the steam ships with the normal ones so i cant tell if they are op or not)

+10% bonus for rep and xp (before the final tier your bottleneck will be money not rep, it’s good for farm other faction rep)

and a +1 search chance


In short: if you want them buy them, but you don’t need them.

I personally  thinking to buy the merch. pack for the +1 drop (i’m a loot fetishist) 

Uhm , wahts the difference betweens the boosts the packs offer? Gold, Platinum? And where do i see that they work?

Do different packs stack?

Which do you suggest for a new player without a clue?

mecenary pack


galaxy explorer pack


elite pilot pack

mecenary pack


galaxy explorer pack


elite pilot pack


So whats the difference between:

“Gold VIP”. Permanent 10% bonus to reputation gain and a 10% bonus to ships experience gain - speed up the development of your ships!


“Platinum VIP”. Permanent 10% bonus to reputation gain as well as 10% bonuses to ships experience gain - Become the leader!

Also, isnt

“Artifact scanner” Grants an additional attempt when searching for loot after the battle."

not proberbly the best out of all?

Good i found this page, i had the same question:


The description for gold VIP and platinum VIP is the same. Why?. Are they indeed the same or is the steam page wrong. 


Also, is the ‘Artifact scanner’ found in the mercenary pack by any chance in the higher packs aswell? 

I am not sure if bonuses stack, I think they do but don’t quote me.

Gold VIP includes 1

Month prem license and the bonuses, platinum gives 5 months prem and bonuses.

This has been said in 3 threads now by me, steam dlc was one.

And yes, that artifact scanner is probably most valuable asset in all 3 packs

Ok, i could live with the Gold VIP, because after 5 months the Platinum and Gold VIP will end up being the same.




Why would the artifact scanner be the best? (just started playing yesterday).

We are talking about those 5 attempts you get after a battle right? where you have click on those blue orbs and you get something.

Why would having 6 attempts be the best thing a pack can offer?


I’ve seen pink-ish orbs, so the rare orbs are visible. 

Purple scan circles appear after clearing a scenario.

What is so good about an extra scan, first off money. At mid to high tier games, some drops are worth 40k credits, an extra chance to get that is amazing. Plus you have an increased chance to get a green/purple module from looting(small chance increase, but hey considering how hard it is to get a purple it is worth it) which is a big help.

Once you hit tier 3+ you will understand why money is so important.

Ok, thank you for the answers. 


I think i will start with the mercenary pack, and add the galaxy explorer pack in the future if they have another sale going on.