Steam DLC clarification

I have a few questions regarding the DLC packs on steam.


  1. Does the artifact scanner only come with the mercenary pack?  I’ve seen conflicting info on this both ways.


2)  Is there a difference between the Gold VIP and Platinum VIP bonuses in the Galaxy Explorer and Elite Pilot pack respectively?


3)  Do the VIP Card, Gold VIP and Platinum VIP bonuses stack if someone bought them all?


Would very much like solid info on this please if possible.  Thanks for your time.

  1. Yes

  2. The basic VIP only has 1 bonus. The difference between the gold and platinum is that platinum comes with 5 months(correct me if I’m wrong) prem time, the gold comes with 1 month.

  3. Still unsure on this myself, however testing difference between me and people without all 3 packs seems to make it look like it does stack. Like I said unsure

Thanks alot for that info and taking the time to write it up.  Appreciated.

What does the artifact scanner do?

Allows you 1 extra loot scan per battle. It is a permanent item.

Odd that for being in the smallest package, it might be one of the better long term items.