Steam Crashes [NA]

When I try and start Star Conflict, I have the steam version, the game immediately crashes. I dont even go to the login screen, it just crashes on start up. This problem just started today(July 11th) because I played last night and It was fine right up until the server maintenance.

Right click Star Conflict in your Steam Library


_ Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Cache _


Let that run - it fixes any potential file corruption there might be as a result from patches/updates.

Already did it several times, as well as restarting my machine and reinstalling star conflict.

The problem is definetely with the new patch/update unless Steam is just being a dumb.

I would try the following;

  • Clean your registry
  • Check your hard drive for errors
  • Update your graphics drivers


If you have a decent internet connection and the hdd space - install the stand-alone client just to see if that launches and works fine, so you can isolate the problem being with SCon itself or the individual install through Steam.


Just throwing some ideas your way to help get you to a possible solution.

What OS do you use, what video card does your system run on?