Stealing Santa! (monocrystal issue)

Bug report:


I wanted to get 2 monocrystals for each daily mission from Open Space daily assignment, but my reward for monocrystals got substracted by -1 from my own Armory and I was given 0 as the reward instead of 2 monocrystals (no premium license) for each of 3 factions.

Oh, forgot the logs:


ill pay attention to my mono count

EDIT: i did my 3 daily missions, i got the 6 monos, all normal on my side.

What is missions names? Or are there screenshots?

At 17-dec-2015 Regul have completed only one quest with monocrystall’s reward: quest named “Season of Gifts”. And Regul have got 5 monocrystalls for this quest at 6:38:17 UTC

I will take screenshots next time and I will keep my eyes on the monocrystal counter.