Station Protection is removed because of Thermal Torpedo?

Bug report: Open Space - Criminal status / Station Protection bug



What happened?

Ira Deus (Tier III, Rank 9 Jericho Long Range Torpedo Frigate) somehow triggered Criminal status that removed Station Protection on the ship.

My ship, Sirius, (Tier V, Rank 14 Federation Destroyer, equipped with Halo Launcher) was able to kill it, even when the target was marked as blue.

However, the target was able to deal damage as well.

The target was still marked as blue (protected), but the effect it had, it acted as orange, even proximity alert (1000 m or less was visible when near Destroyer).


Logs: (only check Jericho sector - Stripped Deposits)

[2018.05.24](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17035)


already happened to me also