Static shield regenerator & Emergency stasis system - missing required description

Bug report: (text)



Static shield regenerator is missing this sentence, since you can only equip one modifier, unless if it’s a bug, so that you can use two or three.

One important info is left out. Sentence can be changed, as long as it mentions that you can lose any active objects or drones.



Screenshot: Static shield regenerator - You can not equip two or three, so either it’s a bug, or proper info is missing.


Add this missing line:

Only one modifier of this type can be active.



Screenshot: Emergency stasis system - Add the missing info.


Add this missing information:

Upon collision that results in a shock or immobilization effect, most of active modules or drones are instantly destroyed.


If you got a better translation, it can replace my example.



[2017.10.16](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15449)