Static Barrier is not a "barrier" anymore?

I got the problem with the static barrier when I am doing PVE mission some moments ago. The barrier itself cant last more than 15 seconds after activation as I have counted it. At most of the time, it cant even last for 10 seconds before it disappear… Did you nerfed it? But I dont find any clue matched in the patch log… 

How the heck can I solo Hidden Maint shop 1/3 now? How to complete that map with these flimsy barriers even with 4 engi? Actual fact i tried it 3 times and still have to get a win…

According to the description on the module, static barriers have limited HP. But still, having the barrier fail after a few seconds is a pretty scary thought.

They actually got health now? Sounds like something that was long overdue  :yes_yes:

There was a patch weeks ago that was supposed to give them limited durability.  A 11k damage disintegrator couldn’t do it.

Is there someone kind enough to give me a link to a way to do pve T3 mission. We used to have 2 engineers with static barrier to captures the beacons in the first phase. Now with 3 people with T3/T4 we don’t even make it to the third beacon.

So we can’t do any of the T3 pve missions anymore (though we are 3 friends with all T3 ships)


Please help.

Huh… Have you tried shooting the NPCs? I heard it works rather efficiently.

well they do comeback faster than we destroy them and since you can’t cap beacon when under fire. We don’t cap fast enough

Have you tried doing blackwood instead? I heard you can do it in 5-7 minutes total!(Or rather, I do it in that time)

Also, interceptors rule the first round, if you know what to do :wink:

I will try blackwood, last time (in T2) we barely could do it so we never tried in T3.


any advice on the different phases ? 



Phase 1:


Guard = Mandatory. That Pulsar just annihilates everything if you move around enough. Get an LRF to drop Minefields, as well. EM Torpedoes are also an excellent weapon. 1 Engie is more than enough to sustain everyone.


Phase 2:


Fast and Furious. The faster you knock those turrets out, the less dps you have to handle, so you either fly ships like Gunships/Covert Ops/LRF or you bunker down with a pair of Engies and take the slow route.


Phase 3: There are several ways of doing this.


  1. Grab a CO, 2x Gunships, 1 Engie. Have the CO circle the turret, glued to it while the Gunships stay close to the Engie, protecting it and shooting the turret at the same time. The turret will always focus on the CO and so will most of the ships, just shoot at them if the CO is taking too many hits.


  1. LRF swarm. 3 LRFs, 1 Gunship/Engie. There is a spot at the top left side of the map that is a relatively large cavern. You should have full view of all 3 turrets and can shoot from there.


  1. The Bunker. Just hide on the side of the Dreadnought and have 3 Engies out, shooting the turrets with the drones.


  1. 1 Engie to shoot all 3 turrets while the other ships bunker down and do NOTHING. Don’t shoot anything, don’t even move. Because then, the NPCs will think of you as an easy target and move against you, creating this massive blob of ships that doesn’t even move and they even start dying from collision damage.

There are many ways to do it, but I’d suggest something like this:


Round 1:

Bring at least 1 guard and 1 engineer for heal and pulsar(Gets much easier with T5 ships due to infinite pulsar)


The enemy always spawns in the same spot, so a good guard pilot can position himself so that he can kill entire spawns with a single pulsar.


Round 2:

singularity gunships with supernova ammo and go only for the nav stations(My T5 lightbringer can kill 2 nav stations with a single overdrive+crit increase)


Round 3: don’t bring inties.

engi+guard with torpedo’s focus on spawns(2 torpedo’s will kill the entire spawn exept for the elite commanders)

while 2 other ships focus on the Punisher boss.

I will try blackwood, last time (in T2) we barely could do it so we never tried in T3.


any advice on the different phases ?


Phase 1: This shouldn’t give you any issues, just kill the enemies as they spawn. First wave is right ahead of you, make a turn right at the station as the next wave spawns there. Make another right turn and fly past the giant structure on the left, the next wave spawns at the end.

If you struggle here, add an Engineer and stick close to it. Honestly, the rest of the ship selection doesn’t matter whatsoever in this phase, I’ve never seen anyone fail on it.

Phase 2: The objective here are the three stations, and you should simply push for those. This phase is easily done if you have sufficient dps - only in very high tiers you may require more survivability (Engineer/Guard combo should do). For now, just bring a gunship or another ship with some pew pew - split up and have two people take the left station and two people the one on the right. Converge at the one at the back. Largely speaking ignore the adds, unless they’re giving you a hard time.

If you’re REALLY struggling try this set-up: Engineer, Guard, Command, Gunship. Stick together in a ball and just go from station to station like a giant sledgehammer. Have the gunship and Engineer focus on the station whilst the command and guard only kill adds. The Engineer’s drones will automatically kill any adds which come close. Don’t forget to use missiles, they replenish each phase anyway so spam away.

Phase 3: First and foremost; Unless you’re playing Tier-1, break line of sight with the boss when he starts his pulsar. Pay attention to the ‘raid warnings’ and learn to time this. Whenever the all clear is given, throw all dps at the boss, breaking his shields is the hardest bit, after this he drops fairly rapidly.

Most experienced players simply ignore the adds and keep focusing on the boss until he’s dead. This only works if you have sufficient dps and can sustain the damage from the adds. If not, play it safe and take them out - starting with the ‘softest’ targets. Reducing incoming damage should always be your priority.

Positioning is half the victory here, ALWAYS keep an eye on where the boss is relative to you. If surviving is an issue, make sure you have at least one Engineer. A guard helps if you wish to tank the adds, but is not absolutely required. High dps helps a ton here, gunships rule supreme. Aforementioned set-up works, though you could substitute the guard with another Gunship, or even the command if you desire. Really, it can be completed in most set-ups but I do not recommend interceptors if you’re struggling. I’d also advice against LRF - whilst it’s perfectly plausable to finish this mission with one and contribute to your team, it’s simply not the best damage vs survivability combination if you’re already struggling to complete it. Work on ‘safe’ set-ups until you’ve got the mission down to an art.

If you keep struggling, poke me on Teamspeak ( during EU evenings and I’ll pop on to give you a hand.

Oh, yo-… I got the wrong map again.

just tried it now… been lucky… always matched with T5 who did all the job… I feel like a total n o o b :frowning: (Oo the editor change this word for “ace”)


ut my EM torpedo do only scratch elites in phase 3

As long as you win I don’t see the problem :stuck_out_tongue: Just stay alive and stay useful and your team won’t mind.


And the EM torp works great against all enemies in phase 3, just the commander elites got a lot of health so I personally always ignore them.(Why waste doing 100k damage on elites if you can take the boss down with that)

as far as I remember, my torpedoes does only 17k damage ^^ I’m only T3 (well I unlocked almost every classes in T3. When i’ll have all of them I’ll be going T4).


True I can do pve T3 again (so problem fixed).


But still why are the other two pve mission so damn hard ? 

But still why are the other two pve mission so damn hard ? 

Most people haven’t learned to farm them.

Most people haven’t learned to farm them.

You farm pirate for t5 loot+moneyz

you farm blackwood for very quick moneyz

there is no point in farming other 2 (well beacons maybe for loyalty once in a while)