Starting weapons invisible in inventory?

I just started the game as Federation, did the tutorial and entered a few battles. Without adding any equipment to my start ships, they were flyable and usable in combat.

Yet when I go to the “equip ship” screen, the “primary weapon” slot is shown as empty. Screenshot attached for the “Lynx”, but the same happened for the “Swift” and the “Raptor”.

After buying a new Assault Laser T1 Mk1 and installing it on the Raptor, it shows in the Primary Weapon Slot. The firepower seems not to change.

I can move the Assault Laser T1 Mk1 to the Lynx, and it works there and replaces the default weapon…

Overall, it looks like each ship has a standard weapon that is invisible in the menus, but is automatically installed when no other is installed. Is that intentional?


Yes this is intentional. Because it can happen that players just forget to equip a weapon or just start a battle so they have at least a standard weapon.

Starting a battle without a weapon would not be nice.