Starting a series on Star Conflict.

I will be uploading videos, at the least, several a week. There will be Let’s Plays, individual battles, and probably tonight or this weekend I will be making a few guide videos on the game itself, strategies, etc.

Feel free to subscribe & like! I am going to try and make it as interesting as possible.

I cover the chatbox with a picture of…who else. Me! Lol. I like to block out the corp chat.

Thanks for looking and post here any feedback, good or bad. You won’t hurt my feelings and I can always use tips on what I may be doing wrong, or what I’m doing right.



Nice rape with those rail snipers :smiley:

hey! no reduce main weapon spread ? :slight_smile: i try out your stabilized railgun build then i did try hail plasmas they just worked so much better on my opinion =) and make some frag vids! you got the team for it :slight_smile:


I’m going to work on editing together a kill montage tonight! Going to be a learning experience. By the way, uploading 2 new videos right now.


There is 0 degree spread on stab railguns, and if you auto fire it, a max of 2.5 deg. I actually prefer to semi-auto fire it, as it doesn’t take long for the reticule to drop back to 0. If they are 3,000 or closer, I go full-auto.I tried hail plasma, but the projectile speed on the stabs are so good. and I don’t want to get rid of the 6th fed implant with 50% critical damage increase to increase the projectile speed of plasma. I have 86% critical chance with aiming overcharge on.

Some tips to improve your game.


Episode 9 is up!

First DYN weekly Tourney! Unfortunately this is the only one I will be able to attend/record due to working on the weekends. This is 5 battles of it. 4 of which my group is in, and one I’m moderating.


Killing Spree