Start game without admin account is not possible

Im not able to launch the “_launcher.exe.” without an admin account or password on a normaluser account on windows XP SP3. If I do, the game loads a time but asks then for the password to run as admin. Strangely, I can launch the"game.exe" without it. Is it necessary to run the game as admin?

Well actually, when you start the game with the launcher, you open up the possibility for an automatic update of files located in your program folder on your harddrive. The program folder normally has some restrictions on it that require admin priviliges just as if you were installing a new game / program.

If you start the game from the game.exe, you start without connecting the launcher and therefore do not open the possibility for an update, hence no reason for admin priviliges.

Star Conflict is atm 2 of 8 programms on my system that require admin. The game folder is freely accessable from a normal user account and has no restirctions, i created it from this account.

The possibilty for an update is also not worth making it ask for admin. All other programms can deal without it. This means to me the launcher trys to acces some of my protected system partitions, here my OS partition C. Therefore, i dislike this behaivor becaus any programm can modify my system and also my settings. Viruses and hacking attacks can cause lethally damage and also data loss if they get in the launcher or game.

Even Leauge of Legends managed it, to work without using admin.