StarConflict crashes due to missing packages? (Manjaro Linux/Arch Linux)

I just installed Star Conflict through steam on Manjaro Linux 64 bit.


It was crashing at startup so I decided to launch it in terminal to see what the problem was. I fixed most of the problems except this one. It seems to be missing some important libraries. Maybe I just need the right name of the package in the AUR or I need to build them manually just a little push in the right direction. here is the error info 


my-pc star conflict]$ ./StarConflict

./StarConflict: /usr/lib32/ version `CURL_OPENSSL_3’ not found (required by ./StarConflict)

./StarConflict: /usr/lib32/ no version information available (required by ./StarConflict)



it doesn’t seem to me like a hardware problem but if you really need hardware info let me know and I will fetch it.