Star Wolves and Star Conflict.

I just got back in the trilogy of Star Wolves. And noticed a few things. You’re a merc in boths games. There is pirate corsairs in both games. Alien based of green source energy in both game, hull color weapons and mind linked. In Star Wolves eventually can take over your ship for a set time in the second or third. They come from a precursor race. Here i can join a pic of one portal gate of star wolves. This from web, not my own in-game pic.

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Star conflict under-(from web) + imagine, the vortex.

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Both has empire faction. Which i give it, Is common in sci-fi space games to have an empire faction. Star Wolves is russian made. There is more, like ship names and others things. But i can’t recall. As i play through it again, maybe i’ll recall more. Anyone else played Star Wolves and see similarities.


I found many more things, like the factions and we are mercs working for those.

Look at the red faction logo and jericho logo. In the OP i only talked about both game having empire until i recalled the heretic god worshiper style faction/ family and the federation. So we have all 3 factions too. There’s many but that’s enough sharing. Go find by yourself or not. I think one of the dev must have liked Star Wolves and decided to put some of it’s spirit in the game. If not well… That is way too many super similar stuff in both games. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQZ2NxinGKKbS-BGvvfrGg