Star Wars Attack Squadrons cancelled

Hi folks! I have been a proud fan of the Star wars games since the old gems of Xwing and dark forces series, and I’m still waiting for a new space arcade game which allows me to revive such memories.


I was following with a bit of interest the new Star Wars Attack Squadrons, because the idea was something like Star Conflict but with Star wars ships.


Unfortunately for us, and fortunately for Star Gem and Gaijin (SW franchise is very powerful) it seems that the game in closed beta didn’t reach the level required and got cancelled.


Really, the game looked bad, with graphics in par with the old XWing Alliance, and very few new ideas concerning the gameplay, but this could have been another good space game.


Nevermind. Fortunately we still have Star Conflict.

I have to admit, no Star Wars game like Battlefront 1 really amazed me since Xw vs Tf back then, but the Drone flight of Battlefront was maybe next to Descent the most practice I had with space-to-space dogfighting in games; and generally Bfront1 was very fun in LAN, because it was a heavily balanced game, especially with some custom maps (unfortunately, the heros in the second part screwed the balance up). Also given that Age Of Empires clone with star wars in it, which was next to ridiculously awful, not every star wars game got big fortunately.


But yeah, I saw that game after a friend showed it to me “Isn’t that exactly like Star Conflict?”, and I am somewhat glad, it didn’t make it (yet), especially not if it is awful. It would be really bad if SC gets labeled later as a simple “Star Wars Clone”.