Star Walker Title


1.Although I went to great trouble to complete all of the Miss Frost missions, I did not receive the “Star Walker” title.

  1. I expected the title to be awarded to anyone who completed all the Miss Frost missions, however many of us did not receive the achievement.

  2. I was logged on when the 1.3.1. patch was applied, and the game server removed me.  When I logged back on the following day (today), the title was still locked in the customization menu.

  3. I didn’t receive any kind of notifications about the achievement after completing the last Miss Frost mission.

  4. Occurred once.

6.  screenshot-160114-235825_zpstips25zq.jpg

  1. See # 3.

  2. N/A

  3. N/A

  4. N/A

You didn’t complete lot of ms.Frost quests:

Day 8. Fallen Star

Day 9. Fallen Star

Day 10. Fallen Star

Day 11. Fallen Star

Day 14. Operation ‘Star Hook’

Day 15. Operation ‘Star Hook’

New Threat

Day 28. Storm!

Day 29. Storm!

I played every day of the Miss Frost event, and had no outstanding missions showing by the event’s end.  If your logs are showing incomplete assignments, they weren’t reflected in my UI.  No big deal though, it’s just a title.  If the ship ranking limitations introduced with the newest patch stay the way they are, I won’t be playing for much longer anyway.

Every day of event was started at 00.00 and finished at 23:59 UTC. May be you didn’t catch to finished lot of quests due to differed of timi zone.