Star Theory: Biomorphs, Cybers and Blackwood, Oh My!

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And now, the fourth chapter of the trilogy:


Biomorphs, Cybers and Blackwood, Oh My!


We’ve now had two dev blogs detailing the background lore of Star Conflict, which serve to flesh out the information gleamed in game. This has given us some interesting new insights - the importance of Iridium, and Sector 1337; the fact there are Corporations working with criminal groups, such as the Cartel; and enough hints at the bigger picture that today’s Star Theory can tackle not one, not two, but three facets of the Star Conflict universe! We’re going to look at why the Blackwood AI is on a murderous rampage, what apostate madness drives the Cybers, and why the Aliens have come to destroy Humanity… and the reason we’re doing all three at once is because they are related!


Let’s begin with the Cybers. We know they are apostates of Jericho, but what makes them apostates exactly? Given that the backstory makes it clear that the Techs are free to pursue the advancement of the Jericho without moral constraints, it can’t be simple distasteful behaviour. Is it perhaps that they are raiding Imperial and Federation territory, threatening the uneasy peace that the three great powers enjoy? Unlikely, given that most of the Cybers are in Jericho space, working to destroy the Mendes family. Could it be their aggression against the Families? Perhaps, but I think a more likely explanation comes from their name - Cybers. Cyber could mean “cybernetic”, but all Jericho make extensive use of biomechanical augmentation. But there is another meaning; “cyberspace.” The world of the purely digital.


Whatever else the Jericho believe, they still see themselves as human, and seek to reclaim the birth world of their race. For such a people, the act of forsaking that birthright, and the flesh along with it are potential grounds for apostasy. But is that even possible? Absolutely! A quick read of the [Russian] Wiki will reveal several ships are piloted via neural link, especially the more advanced, Tier 5 models. Yet it is the Razor that is most interesting, as it is able to be piloted remotely - the pilot links to it over astronomical distances; a clear sign of Jericho’s technological supremacy.


We also know from Blackwood Shipyard there are powerful AI systems to be found within the Frontier and beyond. If the Empire can build an AI capable of commanding an entire fleet of warships, and the Jericho can link a man’s mind to a ship in another sector entirely, then surely the Cybers could take the step of patterning themselves into machines? Perhaps not yet, but they have powerful allies; allies who are working on the problem from the other direction. Yes! It’s true!


Soylent Green is people!


Err… no, that’s not right.


Manchester United sucks!


True, but not the topic for discussion…


Err… Hang on… Don’t tell me…




…The aliens are actually robots?




Yes, the aliens are not ‘alien’ at all, but alien machines! Perhaps they were built by the Precursors, or another race entirely. Regardless of their origins, the Aliens are sentient machines. Why do I think this? Because the evidence is staring you all in the face!


Let’s begin with a simple question; when flying around in the frontier, how do you know you’re under attack? Aside from the missiles and laser bolts, I mean? Well, it’s because people usually taunt you. Pirates boast about how they’re going to loot your ship; Cartel demand you get out of their turf; Cybers mock your arrogance as they close in for the kill. Civilian transports and merchants call for help when attacked, and police will warn you to back down if you cross them. But automated missile turrets or railgun batteries don’t talk to you - they just open fire. The machines of Blackwood don’t speak either - why would they? And how do the aliens communicate? Discordant noise, not far removed from the sort of sounds you might hear if you picked up a phone back in the olden days of modems and dial-up internet. In short, you hear what you’d expect to hear if a machine tried to communicate.


Then there’s the weaponry. Every single alien, from the Biomorphs to the Hunters, Predators and even the Defiler specialise in EM weaponry, almost to the exclusion of all else. Why is that? It’s not because of their enemies - they attack all factions equally, so you’d expect a balanced mix of weapons. However, if they are machines, the EM focus makes perfect sense. Machines can be built to take a hell of a beating, so that’s kinetic out, and it’s not that difficult to provide heat shielding and cooling systems to a machine. That leaves EM, and the biggest threat to any complex machine is, and will always be, the EM pulse. One good burst of EM could fry a computer system, and so what else would a race of machines pick as their primary method of attack but a weapon system built around this principle?


Their choice of Biomorph reinforces this idea. We know they’ve taken ships from every faction, yet the Biomorphs we see most often are based on Jericho ships. Indeed, the “iconic” Biomorph appears to be based on either the Katana, or the Lance. If you were a machine, and so could not heal from physical injury, would you not prefer to avoid it altogether? That would make Jericho ships a natural choice due to their superior shields; bigger shields mean less repair and maintenance!


Speaking of Biomorphs, why are they called “Biomorphs” anyway? Well, Bio means Biological, and Morph essentially means a gradual change. People generally think this means the Biomorphs are Human ships, gradually becoming alien. But I disagree; given what we see above, I think the Biomorphs are alien machines infesting Human technology - and their pilots - to try and become more organic.


And so we have our despicable union. On one side, a group of crazed apostates seeking to shed the flesh and Digivolve, proving once and for all that Pokemon suck. On the other side, a race of otherworldly machines that just want to learn what it is to be alive - to breathe, to eat, to sing, and perhaps even learn why Rainbow Dash and her friends keep blowing them up (how pastel coloured ponies fly spaceships is a question for another time).


Well, what’s it for today! Tune in next time for -


Hang on a minute! You said you were going to explain Blackwood’s AI!


Duh! Aliens did it!


What, that’s it?


Err… yeah? Look, Aliens are sentient machines. Aliens attack the Frontier. Aliens find an outpost run by a sentient machine that is far less ‘evolved’ than they are. Aliens corrupt the machine and set it loose on Ontregos so the Empire’s too busy to stop their main attack on the Iridium mining operations. It’s obvious when you think about it.


Oh. Okay.




Nothing, I just thought it’d be… I dunno… more?


Well, there isn’t.




Look, if it makes you feel any better, Blackwood DID reveal to us the Dragon long before T5 released, which implies Blackwood may have developed the ship in the first place. Which in turn means Blackwood may have developed other T5 ships, and if Blackwood’s ship designs are vulnerable to Alien hackers, then it follows that Blackwood inspired ships may also share that vulnerability. Coupled with the fact that T5 ship appear to be making heavy use of Iridium, Precursor tech and recovered alien technologies in their construction, then it’s possible Blackwood was a sleeper Corporation, secretly working to ensure that when the Aliens attacked they could shut down the defender’s most powerful ships at a pivotal moment and so storm to an easy victory, Battlestar Galactica style! … buuuut that’s just a theory.

A Star Theory! Thanks for reading!


Urgh. Well, as references go, it could have been a lot wo-


I can’t let you do that, Jasan. The cake is a lie!


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What now?


Credits gag?


Fine! Next week: Sweet Rolls - they aren’t sweet, and don’t roll! The horror!

Make sense - in iridium haul there is convoy marked purple as alien, but actually they are cybers. Somewhere I saw term “cybermorphs” (either it was dev, or achievement text)

Jasan does it again with another mindbogglingly awesome conspiracy theory. +1!

Thank goodness someone else thinks the biomorphs and the hunters were made by the precursors. I can even show a small screeny to show some evidence that they’re not organic life (or at least not naturally made), as in the hunter’s thruster/capacitor/main weapon you can see small crystal shards surrounding the exterior of it, mostly indicating that they were placed there artificially (maybe those are the fabled monocrystals?).


And no, I’m not saying anymore. My biomorph-precursor rant is inside of some other topic.