Star Task Marathon



Pilots! UMC reports that Arthur Gage offers all pilots new tasks as part of the special event ‘Star Marathon’!

Win PvP and PvE battles on ships of ranks 7, 8, 10, 11 or 13 with maximum level of synergy. You will get a valuable bundle free of charge! Including bundles with components for the new premium ships Phoenix and Reaper , as well as bundles with neodium, beryllium and components for the new premium ships Archelon, Stingray and Brokk.

Note that you can only accept one task from the ‘Star Marathon’ event at a time!

Also Arthur Gage offers daily tasks for acquiring Phoenix and Reaper special module parts.

Apart from the horrors of war the Invasion has also gifted humanity a tremendous jump in technology. United Mercenar Centre is launching a new event ‘Star Marathon’. You complete UMC tasks, and we offer access to components of the ships you’re curious about. We also have a lucrative contract on our hands: our mercenaries perform launches for this corporation and get components of the new special module for free!

Star Conflict Team