Star Marathon Rewards worth it?

Star Marathon, a mission gained from A. Gage and or from your tech tree. Allows you to play a Max Rank Ship in either PVE or PVP battles in order for you to gain additional parts for such given ship that corresponds with your given rank. (if so available) I have been on a mission to gain a few of such ships. Two months ago to the day I started working of the R8 Guard Frigate “Reaper”, of 450 parts needed to gain access to this ship I have 137 parts. Every day for the past 64 days, after each mission completion I have gained 2 parts (TWO) with a few extra gained thru missions. I have come to the realization that the game is starting to become not so much FP2 and more of a pay to play. (and even then the rewards for 10$ USD is 3300 GS and it only gets you 60 to at best 150 ship parts) My personal opinion is the SC-Devs are to worried about the more money now than the over all satisfaction of there community.


If I am doing something wrong I am open to suggestions.

Thank you so much for your time.   

The game got batshit crazy with grinding. Especially considering that a year ago, people complained about the grind, but it was heaven and paradise then in comp to now.

On the other hand, the ships u get with grind are not really special, they are neither very good nor that fun to fly, so weill, its no big loss.

Well it really depends on what you are going for.

Suppressors are definitely worth it if you like slow and tanky. Like flying a train.

Stingay is also an amazing ship. I highly suggest it.

The Reaper is awesome as well but harder to get. The tractor beam is -fantastic-.

But destroyers aren’t premiums. They are standard ships… 

Something totally free to begin with shouldn’t takes months to get like that. Or make destroyers premiums, and give them 20% free synergy and stuff.


Anyway, this missions isn’t worth it for me. So much farm for a so small reward. 

You choose the boni a destroyer have as well their layout. So they are special.

And the marathon are totally worth them. You can grind with them more effective as w/o them.

You will get 10 or more Palom ship parts from A. Gage upon completion. As far as i know, all other missions grant 2 parts (or 2 impure neo/berry). Try to use it as an extra income, not main…otherwise you will burn out way too soon before getting anything good.

If you interested in spending reasonable money to get boost I highly recommend “Soldier of Fortune” pack. Sometimes you can even get it at discount price - Best thing is “additional looting attempt”. May look like insignificant at first glance but the more you play the more value you’ll get: monocrystals/ship parts 

Def! They are super delicious! And sooo good!

Those are special, exotic, rare, luxury ships. Yes, destroyers included. Not everyone is supposed to have them. You can do perfectly fine without them and you shouldn’t feel like an important part of your life is missing because you cannot easily obtain them. If you still feel like you really want them then get ready to invest a lot of effort and/or money.

That’s how it goes with everything related to the keywords above.