Star Conflict Walkthrough for Newcomers

A video series about Star Conflict and how it feels to play it as a beginner. A fellow streamer by the name Neckbeard volunteered to be the test subject to this series and together with yours truly, the mammal, we tried to recreate the feeling of being a newbie in this game.


On the same note we gave it our best to provide the most helpful info for a beginner to have without too much of advanced topics that could confuse newcomers.

If there is something stated that seems/is wrong, please correct us in the comment section in YT with the time tag, this is meant to be as helpful as possible so any contribution is greatly appreciated.


Broadcasted live on Twitch
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Watch live at



Aand its finished, 5 hours of raw footage of how it feels like to be a beginner, no script or anything, just playthrough with some late night tired af commentary from le me to help sort out the basics and show how the game looks. If you want to contribute to it, correct me or anything of the sorts, just leave a comment on youtube instead, feel free to discuss it here as well if you prefer that.