Star Conflict Video Contest! (Videos)



This topic is only for posting videos for the contest!


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According to YT it’s 1080p

SCship is also there!








I didn’t even know this contest existed so I didn’t make anything (a real shame because Director is the only title I would ever want) but I do have this video


its slightly longer than 6 minutes (rules said that’s optional)

it features the ship Saw One for about 12 seconds, the shadow of a jaguar for 1 second, and Kraken for like 2 seconds

Gargoyle and Granite are also in the video and they are a custom built / purple ships too so…


I just want more people to watch this video so I’m putting it here even if its automatically disqualified for only having a saw one for 12 seconds and kraken for like 2 seconds

I was told that tacklers in Defence Contract die first. 

“Hold my beer” I said.


Just in the nick of time, the admission is now closed ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)