Star Conflict v.1.6.5b



We wish all pilots happy holidays: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020! We wish you good luck, health, happiness, success in life and in Star Conflict! Especially for the holidays, we have prepared two new bundles with the ships Custodian and Ze’Ta.


New bundle Star Conflict: Custodian


Pilots! A new bundle “Star Conflict: Custodian” has become available in the official store.


Those pilots who received one or more parts of the Manual Piloting System during the Moon Race will get a special discount on the purchase of the Custodian DLC.

  • The discount is bigger if you earned more parts of the “Manual Piloting System” during the race.
  • To get a discount, you do not need to have the parts in your warehouse. It is important that you participated in the “Moon Race” and opened the cells with parts of the “Manual Piloting System”.

This bundle includes
Jericho guard frigate “Custodian”


Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Unique ship decoration “Jericho logo”
  • Unique title “Custodian captain”
  • Unique paint “Serpent”
  • Sticker set Ursa Major, Terraformer, Space Walk

Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!


New bundle Star Conflict: Ze’Ta. Deluxe bundle


Pilots! A new bundle has become available in the official store “Star Conflict: Ze’Ta. Deluxe edition”. The bundle will be available for a limited time until January 26.


This bundle includes
A special configuration of the “Ellydium” destroyer Ze’Ta with a fully completed development tree and all open Nodes.


Ze’Ta weapons:

  • “Ellydium” destroyer weapon: “Kai” fission launcher 12 Mk.5
  • “Ellydium” destroyer weapon: “Kai” fission launcher 17 Mk.5
  • “Ellydium” destroyer weapon “Plasma burster”

Ze’Ta active modules:

  • Active module Swarm control 14 Mk.4”
  • Active module Swarm control 17 Mk.4”
  • Active Module “Devastator beam"
  • Active module “Crystalline suppressor”

Ze’Ta modules and modifiers:

  • Module “Landing Platform”
  • Transport module “Jump system Kapkan”
  • Ellydium destroyer engine modifier “Speed Balancer”
  • Capacitor modifier “Dead Hand”
  • CPU modifier “Combat control”

Additionally, the pilot gets stickers:

  • “Ellydium corporation”
  • “Crystal DNA”
  • “Ellydium skull”

Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 90 days!


Event: A New Threat
UMC reports that Aliens were able to significantly improve the performance of their ships. Most likely, they began to produce reinforced Seed-chips aimed at fighting mankind!
Be careful!



  • Improved a number of interface elements
  • Improved hangar design
  • Now you can change the number of resources while improving a Seed-chip by holding RMB and LMB. Holding LMB increases the amount of resource, and holding RMB reduces the amount of resource


  • Using a spatial scanner reduces the chance of an asteroid exploding from overheating during resource extraction
  • Weapon blueprints can now be found in open space caches

Bug fixes

  • Improved client stability
  • Fixed an error in the description of “Hybrid missile”
  • Returned loadout saving to the Hangar
  • Fixed an issue with race position display