Star Conflict v.1.5.1d

We wish you a happy ‘Cosmonautics Day’! 57 years ago, the first human flight into space took place. In honour of this event we updated the information screens at the space stations, and space satellites replaced drones. Pilots can complete a special achievement ‘Cosmonautics Day’ and take advantage of special holiday missiles.
Holiday stickers
Specifically for this holiday we have prepared special holiday stickers available in the bundle ‘Cosmonautics Day’

  • Hello, people!
  • Stars are not toys!
  • Sweet space
  • Stars await
  • Beep-beep-beep
  • Space conqueror

A special container with holiday stickers ‘Cosmonautics Day’ can be purchased in the ‘Bundles’ tab.
Decorate your fleet during the holidays! Together we can win!
Holiday colouring schemes for Endeavour and Spiral
Pilots! In honour of the holiday we have prepared unique colouring schemes for the ships Endeavour and Spiral available only in the pack ‘Cosmonautics Day’. Parts of the ‘Lost Technologies’ ships Spiral and Endeavour can be obtained in a special container-bundle ‘Star Conqueror’. The container is sold for galactic standards.
Build the legendary ships with a special festive scheme!
Note that the bundles ‘Cosmonautics Day’ and ‘Star Conqueror’ will be available to players for a limited time.
Increased rewards in SCL tasks
Pilots! In such difficult times, it has become more and more difficult to protect the Transport Caravans. The Baron is not going to incur losses because of constant attacks on convoys. He increases the value of owning trade routes!
Now you have access to tasks with increased reward. Trusted Baron’s mercenaries, by announcing your wish to join the pirate dozen, you get rights for a share of trade route profit.
Yet, as it always has been, rights always bring responsibility with them. The Baron summons you to join trade caravan protection.


Task: Take part in 4 SCL battles, gaining at least 100 points of effectiveness in each.

  •  Loyalty vouchers reward is tripled
  • Additional reward up to 3 million credits for the task


Challenge: Win 2 battles in SCL while in the Baron’s Elite.

  • Iridium reward is tripled
  • Additional reward — one of the Delta series containers for the task

Attention, mercenaries, stock is available for a limited time.Hurry up, the Baron will not always be so generous!
Resources for production of rank 14 destroyers
Mercenaries, only in April in honour of the holiday all pilots have an additional opportunity to obtain valuable resources required for production of rank 14 destroyers. Special assignments are available to all pilots starting from level 10. All assignments are only available until April 24.
Resources for Vigilant

  • Destroy or participate in the destruction of 10 ships with kinetic weapons, using a rank 11 destroyer. The task is available every 6 hours.

Resources for Sirius

  • Destroy or participate in the destruction of 10 ships with thermal weapons, using a rank 11 destroyer. The task is available every 6 hours

Resources for Tyrant

  • Destroy or participate in the destruction of 10 ships with EM weapons, using a rank 11 destroyer. The task is available every 6 hours


  • Damage increased by 5%

Energy Smite

  • Damage increased by 10%

Shrapnel Cannon

  • Damage increased by 10%

Kinetic Weapon

  • Damage increased by 10%

Plasma Devastator

  • Damage increased by 5%

Developer comment: ‘We carefully monitor weapon statistics and noticed that some of them have become less widespread, so we decided to bring them closer to the level of popular guns’
Front Blaster

  • Increased range of fire

Developer comment: ‘Front Blaster has become too popular, in addition, it shoots at distances that a covert ops should not be able to reach.But it must remain a destructive weapon as befits the weapon of a covops ship’.

  • ‘Skirmish’ and ‘Missions’ are now available at all pilot levels
  • A number of texts in the game have been improved
  • Achievement ‘Flawless Victory’ can now be obtained in ‘Co-op Vs. AI’
  • Improved several maps

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug with the absence of some items related to tasks in Open Space
Fixed some errors in tasks
Fixed a number of errors in texts, descriptions
Fixed a bug with reloading the special module ‘Archangel’
Fixed a bug with ship upgrade indication
Fixed a bug with completing the daily task ‘Dedicated pilot’
Fixed a bug with displaying personal containers on the Spatial Scanner of other pilots
Fixed a bug with converting received parts for already existing ships into other items or resources
Fixed a bug with loyalty display when researching modules
Fixed a rare bug with disabling some modules before the end of the battle
Fixed a bug of two black holes projected by one player (you can no longer do this)
Fixed activation of the researched nodes of Ellydium ships with insufficient player level
Fixed a rare bug with entering battle on a destroyed ship

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