Star Conflict v.1.5.1b


Pilots! An important update has been installed on our servers. We have fixed several technical errors in the game client and made a number of adjustments to parameters of weapons and modules
              Homing Laser
                            Damage increased by 5%
              Beam Cannon
                            Damage increased by 5%
                            Range increased by 10%
              Pulse laser
                            Damage increased by 10%
              Light coil mortar
                            Damage increased by 5%
              Plasma Destroyer
                            Damage increased by 5%
                            The effectiveness of the additional charge effect is increased by 50%
              Flux phaser
                            Damage increased by 10%
              ‘Ignis’ blaster
                            Now deals slightly more damage
                            Missile damage increased by 60%
                            Acceleration increased by 5%
Vulnerability Analyzer
                            Increased module efficiency
                            Adaptive resonator
                            Active time increased by 20%
                            Efficiency increased
              The first three locations in Open Space are now available to pilots of all ranks
              Now the Open Space map shows all locations
Bug fixes
              Front Blaster
Fixed a bug with additional damage when the maximum speed was reached
              Fixed a bug of hidden guns and / or modules in the selection list in the Shipyard
              Fixed a bug with displaying the Thar’Ga ship in the atlas
              Fixed errors in task conditions descriptions
              Fixed a number of icons of objects when selecting them in the Open Space
              Fixed a number of errors in blueprint names
Fixed a number of descriptions of weapons, modules and parts.
              Fixed a number of errors on maps
Fixed an error with the impossibility of completing some tasks.
              Fixed a bug with Inhibitor Crystal projectile behaviour
              Fixed a bug with ‘Rebellion Trojan’ module
              Fixed bug with unavailability of some modules in the store.

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