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Star Conflict v.1.1.0


We walked a long road to this day. We fought, completed assignments, collected a fleet and destroyed the Aliens. And now the day has come. Today we are announcing the launch of the second season of our project. Aliens left a global and very powerful impact not only on border sectors, but also in the very heart of human civilization. We held out. But the price of victory is too high. Whole systems were destroyed with heavy-duty weapons.

The power of the Empire, the Federation and Jericho is shaken. This became especially noticeable in the border sectors. Gradually, control of production and mining shifts to corporations gaining power and strength in military conflicts. Corporations can now assemble Dreadnoughts. Docks are already hard at work, and the authorities are waiting in horror for a new round in corporate sector control battle…

Sector control

The appearance of dreadnoughts changes the balance of forces in battles for sector control. Corporation now virtually represent authorities in locations. Big profits and increased power push them to capture more and more locations. A real war starts between corporations.

And now the dreadnoughts come into light…

Instead of the now-closed game mode ‘Sector Conquest’, it is now possible to establish control over locations on the global map of the world. Only corporations that own dreadnoughts can take part in battles for sector control. Here is the distribution of roles within corporations:

All corporation members can deposit iridium for dock and dreadnought construction

CEO and his deputies:

a) oversee dreadnought construction

b) decide on location attack and defence

Corporation officers:

Form wings stationed on dreadnoughts that follow it into battle

Transfer iridium from corporation storage to dreadnought construction

Corporation pilots:

Take part in battles

Corporations can now establish control over most locations in the game

The exceptions are stations, shipyards and locations with alien portals. Corporations that establish control over locations can earn extra income. Each location has set values for revenue it will bring to its future owner. Income may be in credits and in Galactic Standards. It depends on the location.

Each location also has a technological level, T3 to T5.

Only dreadnoughts and ships matching the location’s tier or higher can participate in battle for this locationС

Dreadnought level can be automatically lowered to location level

Only T3 locations are available at Season 2 start

Battles for the location always proceed in the format ‘Dreadnought vs. Dreadnought’. We’ll tell you more about the features of battles for the location when corporations build their first dreadnoughts and get ready to send them into battle. Here are the most important points for all pilots:

Pilots not in corporations can be hired by corporate officers to participate in battles

You can only hire pilots to defend locations

In this case you can hire pilots of other corporations

There are no other recruitment limitations

In case of victory all pilots of the winning team receive additional rewards in the form of each faction’s loyalty vouchers

In the event of a technical victory additional reward is still paid out!


We remind you that only corporations that own dreadnoughts can participate in the new mode. However, currently no corporations own dreadnoughts. So actual fight for control over locations begins later, as soon as corporate dreadnoughts are ready. But you can begin construction right now.

We will still hold regular tournaments taking place on Sunday with prizes in the form of GS


Your corporation can start building its dreadnought today. Dreadnought is a huge warship with great destructive power capable of independent jumps between locations. It has complex weapons and control systems. Dreadnoughts are both carriers for corporation fleets and ships with powerful weapons that can damage an enemy dreadnought. Construction of a dreadnought is a long and expensive process that is only available to corporations. The corporation has to have at least 10 pilots with Rank 9 or higher. Each corporation can have only one dreadnought.

You can’t change dreadnought model if dock construction is already in progress

You can’t change dreadnought model when construction concludes

Dreadnoughts have different systems that can be built and damaged in battle

Dreadnoughts carry wings with corporate and hired pilots

Dreadnoughts have their own weapons: torpedoes, drones and cannons of various calibres

Dreadnoughts take part in battles. Pilots have to support their dreadnought and attack the hostile one.

Dreadnoughts can deal and receive damage from the enemy dreadnought

Pilots launch into battle from dreadnought hangars

Pilots can’t harm dreadnoughts directly

A dreadnought can’t be destroyed in battle

The defeated side’s dreadnought is evacuated to its current base

Dreadnoughts can jump between locations. Each jump is a very long process.

Dreadnoughts launch into battle from their current base and return afterwards

Dreadnoughts can change bases, jumping from location to location

Iridium is required for location jumps

Iridium is used for dreadnought flights

The greater the distance, the more iridium is needed

Each corporation has its own shipyard that can build a dreadnought. Corporate shipyard is situated in a separate location

Each corporation has its own shipyard that can’t be visited by strangers

Location is close to the station

You can visit the location on a regular ship

Dreadnought construction process

First, you have to build a corporate shipyard, then the shipyard can start dreadnought construction.

At the beginning of the construction process the CEO must choose a dreadnought model. Choose carefully, because the opportunity to change the model dreadnought will not appear soon!

Three dreadnought models are available in total.

_ «Maelstrom» _

Imperial dreadnought model. Equipped with strong weaponry that deals higher damage to enemy dreadnought

_ ‘Liberator’ _

This model has powerful attack drones able to deal significant damage to the enemy dreadnought’s support fleet

_ ‘Nemesis’ _

Built by Jericho Techs. Equipped with powerful shields able to withstand punishment for a longer period of time

Dock construction

When the CEO selects the dreadnought model, he starts building the dock. Dreadnought model defines the station where the dock appears.

Two key resources are required for dreadnought construction:

_ Iridium _

You can use Iridium from the corporation deposits. Any member of the corporation starting with officers has the right to use corporate Iridium.

Any corporation member may use their personal iridium freely

_ Time _

Generally, building a dock takes from a few days to a week

Dock construction can be boosted

Iridium is required to boost construction

Each deposited unit of Iridium gives a smaller boost than the previous one

Dreadnought construction takes several steps

Each stage of the constructiontakes from a few days to a week, depending on iridium boosts. Please note! Iridium will be required at all stages of construction! Treat it diligently!


Dock construction

Interspacial warp-accelerator mounting

Control system installation

Mounting weaponry and construction completion

Warning! At the initial phase in the coming month, each stage will last for exactly one week. But corporations will be able to accelerate the construction phase with additional investments of Iridium. UMC announces a competition for the fastest construction. Starting with second stage we will publish the top 10 corporations, the fastest to complete the construction stage. We will announce the best corporations, that spent the least time building a dreadnought and we’ll give them the rewards they deserve.

Even if a corporation completes the stage faster than in a the week, the next step will only be available simultaneously with the other corporations. Thus, in four weeks after the completion of all stages the first corporations will get their dreadnoughts and will be able to use them to capture sectors. By the start of the event we will discuss in greater detail how dreadnought battles are going to look.



Despite some progress of mankind in the war with Aliens, the efforts to completely push them out failed. UMC receives reports of sightings of Alien ships and armed clashes with these ships.

Our scouts report on new Alien ships. At least two new types of Alien warships have been observed. They were named Predator and Scout.

_ Predator is a large and very dangerous Alien ship. Often seen in high-level locations_

_ Scout is a light Alien interceptors, that can often be found in low-level locations_

Attention, pilots!

All Alien ships are extremely dangerous. They often travel in groups. UMC and StarMed do not recommend engaging them alone.


Destroyed locations

The first strike at the fringe sectors was just combat recon. New Alien attack occurred hit the inner worlds. Some systems were destroyed, others are fighting for survival. Civilians flee attacked worlds in horror. Refugees tell stories of anomalies, huge alien ships and their deadly weapons. In the border sectors, the might of superweapons was used in locations of T5 level. These locations are very dangerous even for experienced pilots. Alien superships — Defilers are a frequent sight in these locations. Here is a list of destroyed zones:

Empire sectors

Wastes, Felony system

Federation sectors

‘Poseidon’ Complex

Jericho sectors

Solaris Wasteland in eponymous system. Now called ‘Defiled Solaris Wasteland’

New Alien locations

Centre scouts report that new and unusual portals leading to the previously unexplored systems have been found in recent battles. All indications hint that these are the Cyber portals. Three Alien systems have been discovered. Scientists are already studying the latest data. We urge all pilots to be vigilant! Alien territory is very dangerous for beginners! One of the Alien locations was available earlier in the course of Invasion assignments. Two other locations are completely new and unexplored. Apparently, Cyber portals are the only way into Alien space.

Each location has a unique assignment for mercenaries!

PvP locations in Invasion

Alien invasion slightly expanded the boundaries of the universe. Now the world map has all locations previously only used PvP battles. According to some sources, these sectors became a haven for pirates, when Aliens began a large-scale offensive in all locations.

Ruined Station

Eastern Mining Station

Northern Mining Station

Abandoned Outpost

Pandora Anomaly

Fallen Dreadnought

Ancient Ruins

The Source

Iridium Strand

Ice Reef

Lava Spines


Abandoned Complex

Devil’s Jaw

Complex ‘Alpha 7’


The situation in the Galaxy is changing rapidly. You can expect new jobs, new adventures, and further development of the storyline of the game.

Reworked all Invasion mode assignments

Added new objects used in assignments



Game mode selection


Reworked the ‘Launch’ button, it is now used to find skirmish PvP battles

Added the undock button on the left

Added the Invasion mode key to the right

‘Custom Battle’ can now be found on Invasion map

‘Custom Battle’ mode is opened with the eponymous button

The button can be found in the bottom left corner of the flight assignment window

Invasion map

The map now has two modes: corporation battles and assignments

You can switch modes with a button in the bottom right corner of the flight assignment window

The button shows the mode you’re transferred to if you press it

Expanded the Invasion zone available to Т3 ships


Preferred server selection has been moved to game Options

You can no longer accidentally get into Alien territories

Artifacts and iridium are now a single entity

The ‘artifact’ entity is no longer used and considered obsolete

Pilots now receive iridium instead of artifacts

Artifact refinement into iridium has been scrapped

Added new contracts with iridium rewards. Under these contracts the pilots get iridium transferred to the corporate deposit. If a corporation reaches the maximum available iridium, the reward is lost.

Cybers are now siding with the Aliens, they do not attack each other.

Increased the number of patrols.

Synergy gain in locations increased x2

Due to the world being expanded with new locations, new rank restrictions and changes in enemy variety, we balanced the amount of trophies. Very expensive trophies are now harder to come by. We also added more stashes across the maps.

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