Star Conflict v.1.1.9

Star Conflict v.1.1.9 ‘Wanted: Miss Summer’
Cryptogram BBIМ22-567956
From: N.Cortes
To: centr_mercenaries@star_conflict
CC: Imperial SS. Urgent
Sent: Thursday, August 27
Subject: Re: Re: Secret Ship Pursuit
Analysis of access of so-called ‘Miss Summer’ showed a hack in our security systems. All access codes have been modified. All tasks from ‘Miss Summer’ have been cancelled!
As a result of an internal investigation among the mercenaries, career officers and employees of Imperial Spacefleet we identified a terrorist group. According to indirect data, several senior members of the Federation and Jericho were also part of this terrorist group. A certain ‘Miss Summer’ was at the head of the group. The group was able to crack the encryption of our security services and handed out official jobs and contracts, promising access to the latest ship ‘Nyx’ in case of successful execution. The group has been fully disclosed, but some members managed to escape. Miss Summer also fled. At the moment, her whereabouts are unknown.
Natasha Cortes. Imperial Security Service Legate.
Cryptogram BBIМ22-567957
From: Mercenary Centre
To: all_pilots@star_conflict
Sent: Thursday, August 27
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Secret Ship Pursuit
Warning! All mercenaries carrying out tasks for the impostor Summer! A small batch of the new ships ‘Nyx’ has been prepared for the mercenaries. It was decided to allow access to the ship to those who unknowingly carried out assignments for Summer. The ship has been tested by UMC tech specialists and is fully ready for use. We call upon mercenaries to help us in apprehending the fugitives. There is a hefty reward for capture or elimination of Summer’s followers.
In the near future the sector administration and military units will be very busy preparing for the big upgrade of all systems, which will take a couple of weeks. At this time, the only hope for the fight against Summer’s terrorists is you.
Mercenary Centre Administration. Fringe sectors
Additional information:

Nyx by Star Conflict on Sketchfab

**Nyx interceptor** ‘Nyx’ — is an interceptor of the third tech level. It was meant for pirates controlled by Summer. Pirates also took part in producing this ship — involving their best engineers and ‘designers’. _Ship role - Covert Ops Interceptor_ _Brings increased income, does not need repairs, +2 cargo space slots_ _Accumulates 20% free synergy_ _Beacon capture speed increased by 20%_ _Critical hit chance increased by 36%_ _Covert Ops modules recharge time reduced by 20%_ _Special module: Plasma Web_   Mercenary Centre announces a hunt for so-called Miss Summer's followers. Time for search and elimination of the followers will be limited. The end of search will be announced on the Mercenary Centre news. All pilots have a chance to encounter the followers in PvP battles, in PvE missions, and even in open space! We updated the software of all ships. All the fugitives will be automatically marked on your screen with a special marker. As we learned from the transcribed records, this is the sign common among Summer's terrorist group. If you see the ships marked with this sign — you have to destroy them immediately!   **The hunt for Miss Summer's followers** Pilots can take part in the hunt for Miss Summer's followers in PvP battles, as well as PvE and Invasion mode:  _PvP-battles. Available from rank 3. For completing the tasks pilots will get a new weapon ‘Phase Suppressor’ of tech levels Т3, Т4 and Т5_ _PvE-battles. Available from rank 5. For completing the tasks pilots will get a new weapon ‘Flux Phaser’ of tech levels Т3, Т4 and Т5_ _Invasion mode. Available from rank 6. For completing the tasks pilots will get a new weapon ‘Mass Driver’ of tech levels Т3, Т4 and Т5_   **Weapons** For help in finding Summer's agents you will get new unique weaponry as a reward. For each completed task pilots get one of the new guns. All in all, there are 3 types of new weapons for the nine technological levels: **Phase Suppressor** The latest prototype weapon dealing long-term damage and suppressing the target's regeneration capabilities _Target receives additional damage for 3 seconds after initial hit_ _For 3 seconds after initial hit, the target's hull and shield regeneration efficiency is reduced_ _Weapon deals thermal damage_ _Weapon can only be mounted on interceptors_ _Weapon unlocks at rank 8_ **Flux Phaser** The latest model in EM weaponry development. Fires Electromagnetic charges guided by a laser beam. _Pressing the trigger launches a laser beam used for aiming_ _Beam deals no damage_ _The beam is on as long as you hold down the trigger_ _The charge follows the laser beam_ _Releasing the trigger leads to immediate charge detonation_ _Projectile deals EM damage_ _Weapon can only be mounted on Fighters_ _Weapon unlocks at rank 7_ **Mass Driver** Rapidfire kinetic weapon with variable projectile energy. The weapon uses the latest technologies obtained during studying Alien artifacts. _Each projectile has higher velocity than the last one_ _Projectiles deal kinetic damage_ _Weapon can only be mounted on frigates_ _Weapon unlocks at rank 7_   **New weapon blueprints** We predict that pilots are going to need additional firepower in the near future. New weapon blueprints are available to all pilots. You can now upgrade any T4 or T5 weapon to level Mk.5. _All the required blueprints can be found in the game_ _T4 blueprints can be purchased_ _T5 blueprints can be found among PvE and Invasion trophies_   **Invasion mode** In connection with the overall tense situation, Mercenary Centre decided to only allow access to Invasion mode to pilots of rank 6 and above. We only recommend to explore locations if you are a well-trained pilot who successfully passed all the main stages of tutorials and training.   **Bug fixes** Fixed bugs with game chat server Text improvements