Star Conflict v.1.1.7

Star Conflict v.1.1.7
We continue working on the big autumn update and making our universe ready for the upcoming new features. This week we tweak the interface.
Added mission markers
Due to popular demand we improved mission display upon undocking.
Mission markers are now visible at any distance
Gates in space leading to your mission objective now have the marker above them
Mission list view
For maximum comfort during mission selection, they can now be viewed in Hangar.
You can use your mouse wheel to scroll through the missions
Interface tutorial
Pilots can now be trained in basic Shipyard interface. This should significantly speed up the learning process.
New players now have access to a tutorial course on Shipyard interface
Galaxy map
Minor cosmetic pass has been done on Galaxy map.
Increased corporation logo size on the map
Improved logo display with smaller map scales
Battle search
Battle search has been tweaked - you can now see available modes during waiting time
Information is now easier to read
Weapon switch
It’s now easier to switch weapons with identical ammo types.
If a new weapon uses the same ammunition as the old one, ammo is not unloaded
Eclipse launcher
By popular request and to make Eclipse easier to use with allies, we added a lead marker.
A lead marker is now shown for this weapon when aiming at allies
Game options
Due to technical reasons we had to temporarily disable lens flare.
Removed lens flare
Module upgrade
We also revised module upgrade interface.
Upgrade possibility notice is no longer displayed if the upgrade can only be purchased for Galactic Standards
Module upgrade window now displays loyalty required for upgrade
It’s displayed regardless of which currency is needed for the next upgrade
Dvergr revamp
Empire shipyards released an updated version of the first tech level interceptor ‘Dvergr’. The training fighter got a new polymer lining, more efficient engine and even air conditioning in the cockpit. And all this without increasing the cost! ‘Dvergr’ remains as reliable and unpretentious as ever.


Open Space

It is now possible to undock in Open Space only after reaching the 3 rank.


Bug fixes
Improved texts
Fixed a bug with location display on invasion mode map
Fixed incorrect orientation of the ‘Ice Reef’ gate in ‘Alpha-7’ Complex
Fixed a bug with cargo ship name display in various cases
Fixed a bug in ship fuel consumption in invasion mode
Fixed a bug with discontinued equipment installed on purchased ships[/space]


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