Star Conflict v.1.1.5

Star Conflict v.1.1.5

Pilots! We gave an in-depth look at balancing changes in the latest Dev blog.


Mass update testing
Anyone can now take part in testing of the upcoming updates. Servers will be available for a limited time — do not miss the announcements.
You will have to copy your account to the testing server
Tools for copying are built into the game client

Kinetic Supercharger
This type of weapon proved to be ineffective in battles, so we decided to change the following parameters:
Damage increased by 10%
Shrapnel cloud damage increased to 10%
Coil Mortar
Changes to Coil Mortar were brought due to its high concentration in battles.
Detonation activation range reduced by 20%
Explosion radius reduced by 16%
RF Blaster
We decided to increase RF Blaster’s effectiveness without tweaking its damage.
Heating rate reduced by 63%
Cooling speed reduced by 25%
Reduced spread growth rate
Scatter Gun
Changes are made since the cannon was rarely used, so we’re increasing some parameters while keeping the weapon easy to handle.
Damage increased by 20%
Projectile speed reduced by 8%
Range increased by 17%
Heating rate reduced by 42%
Beam Cannon
This weapon wasn’t effective enough in battle, so we decided to increase its damage.
Damage increased by 4%
To rule out total control of beacons with this weapon, we decided to do the following:
Damage to ships in proximity increased by 27%
Required range to ships in proximity reduced by 14%
Duration of damage to nearby ships reduced by 50%
Instances of damage to nearby ships increased by 100%
Anomaly Generator
To make damage match the visuals, changes were made to damage values and animation.
Now deals EM damage
Damage increased by 5%

Missile speed
Missiles of different technological levels now have different speed. This is true for missiles of all tech levels. We remind you, that the same principle is used to scale ammunition velocity.
Т1: speed reduced by 5%
Т3: speed increased by 7%
Т4: speed increased by 10%
Т5: speed increased by 15%
Cruise missile
Using data from extensive testing, we decided that missiles lack overall damage.
Missiles in cassette increased to 4 pcs
Torpedo no longer explodes immediately if there’s an enemy close to the frigate, but you can still detonate it using obstacles. Damage has been increased to counteract this.
Damage increased by 20%
Torpedo can only detonate at least 1.5 seconds after launch
Torpedo still explodes on contact with an obstacle
Torpedo speed increased by 17%
Torpedo reloading speed increased by 20%
Tactical warhead
To rectify the disadvantages found in testing, we decided to change the following characteristics:
Explosion damage increased by 20%
Explosion radius increased by 20%
Radioactive cloud damage increased by 33%
Detonation delay reduced by 30%
Can no longer be taken down by Missile Shield. Low amount of missiles in a cassette and susceptibility to Missile Shield made them nearly useless…
Plasma missiles
These missiles used to be ineffective due to low velocity and prevalence of EM resistance modules.
Damage increased by 15%
Missile speed increased by 8%
Slowing missiles
Testing proved that missile velocity needs to be increased.
Missile speed increased by 8%
Energy-neutralizing missile
These missiles were rarely used due to low effectiveness. We have increased base damage and field effectiveness, but reduce its active radius.
Damage increased by 33%
Field power increased by 100%
Field persistence time reduced by 50%
Field radius reduced by 30%
Slowing field missile
Despite long effect time, low damage made the missile below-average. So we decided to tweak several parameters.
Damage increased by 16%
Field power increased by 26%
Field persistence time reduced by 60%
Field radius reduced by 30%
A cassette of these missiles was not effective enough. This is why we have tweaked several parameters.
Damage increased by 49%
speed increased by 26%
Range increased by 33%
Burst rate of fire increased by 93%
Enemy mines are now coloured red, and allied — green. Since this changes mine effectiveness in battle we decided to increase their number in one cassette, leaving reloading time the same.
Number of mines in a field increased to 8 pcs.
Mine detonation frequency increased by 100%
Mine damage reduced by 50%
Minefield is now available to all frigates as an essential tool against interceptors
Sensor Mine
Allied sensor mines are now also coloured green, and cassettes have more mines inside.
Number in cassette increased to 8 pcs.
Doomsday missile
These weapons used to be available on all tiers, making life easier for the better-developed pilots.
Doomsday Missile T4 blueprint is no longer available.
Doomsday Missile blueprint is only available to T5
Attack drone
Just like Doomsday missiles, Attack Drones are now limited on lower tiers.
Attack Drone T4 can no longer be manufactured
Attack Drone can only be manufactured on T5 now

Two-mode active modules
Changes to these modules were made to ensure their ease of use. Now several active modules can have two modes: passive and active. This should prevent situations with frigate pilots forgetting to activate them.
In passive mode module starts working when the ship appears on the battlefield
Active mode is activated by pressing the corresponding button
Enhanced effect
Several active modules can now use surplus energy to increase their effectiveness:
If the ship has more energy than the module requires:
If surplus energy exceeds the threshold, the difference is used to enhance the active effect
If surplus energy is below the threshold, active effect is not enhanced
Threshold value is a module’s parameter
Heavy guard drone
Tackler pilots can now utilise module panel to track their drone’s activity.
Module icon now flickers while the drone is active
Flicker stops when the drone is destroyed
Energy Emitter
The described mechanics difference mostly pertains to frigates.
Module now has two modes
Modules provides energy to allies in both modes
Passive mode does not drain ship energy
Active mode requires spending a given amount of energy
Mass shield generator
This modules has also been tweaked to improve ease of use.
Module now has two modes
Restores shield to allies in both modes
Passive mode does not drain ship energy
Active mode requires spending a given amount of energy
Module has ‘Enhanced effect’
Multiphase shield adapter
Changing module mechanics is connected to large amounts of energy not used by the ship. This is why we decided to increase shield resistance using the power core.
Module has ‘Enhanced effect’
Nanodrone cloud
Apart from passive hull regeneration, module can now restore hull for the owner or his allies. Regeneration depends on energy left in ship reserves
Module now has two modes
Ally hulls are restored in both modes
Passive mode does not drain ship energy
Active mode requires spending a given amount of energy
Module has ‘Enhanced effect’
Emergency Barrier
Module cooldown display has been added due to popular request
This module now has cooldown display
‘Spectre’ Field
Module was too complicated and only used in squads. We have reworked it.
Now it restores shields and makes allies invisible
This module was not too popular because it means sure destruction of the ship. Now it has new mechanics.
_Now has a new name: Reactor overload _
Revamped module mechanics
No longer leads to the ship exploding
All the nearby ships receive damage while the module is active
If the ship is destroyed while the module is active, it leaves a radioactive cloud dealing damage
Explosion power increased by 50%
Explosion radius increased by 50%
Cloud damage increased by 25%
Spy Drone Container
Used to be too easy to get rid of with a large cooldown timeР.
Cooldown time reduced by 43%
Energy drain reduced by 50%
Guard drone
Used be too easy to employ, and we have decided to change some parameters.
Charge speed reduced by 17%
Range reduced by 10%
Module was rarely used due to significant cooldown time. We have decided to rework the module.
Cooldown time reduced by 50%
Energy drain reduced by 32%
Increases Warp gate appearance radius
IR Pulsar
Long active time didn’t allow to lock targets for a long time and the pilot was too vulnerable.
Cooldown time reduced by 75%
Energy drain reduced by 25%
Active time reduced by 50%
Static Barrier
This module used to be too difficult to employ and control.
Improved appearance
Cooldown time reduced by 48%
Active time depends on modification, from 20 to 90 seconds
Durability increased by 33%
Used to show below-average effectiveness and wasn’t employed in its original role.
Range reduced by 40%
Active time increased by 200%
Module has been moved to ‘Active modules’
Now consumes energy while active
Systems Hack
Due to popular request, this module is now available on T3 level. We also added visual effects to help display who uses the module…
Now available on Т3
Added visual effect for the module

Some implants used to affect missiles but not Tactical Warhead.
Alpha-inhibitor ‘RR-25’
Increases explosion and cloud radius for Tactical Warhead
Alpha-inhibitor ‘Sting’
Now reduces the timer for Tactical Warhead

Rewards for Arma Race will be activated during the following week!
All the successful corporations will get their own Paths of Glory.
Path of Glory can be found in the corporate shipyard
Path is meant to display corporation achievements
Achievements will be marked with special commemorative signs
The first signs will be given to the top 10 corporations in Arms race
Star Storm
RED Star

HUD changes are intended to make navigating the battlefield easier.
You no longer have to lock a target to see the lead marker
Mouse over an enemy to see the lead marker
Aim marker brightness now serves as a range clue
Desaturated colour means that the target is outside effective range
Allied mines are now coloured green
As requested, the following implants now display cooldown times:
Neuroconnector ‘Gigas III’
Neuroconnector ‘Albatross II’
Neuroconnector ‘SR-X’
Due to popular requests, we improved cargo hold utilisation and also made it bigger
Cargo hold now has 16 cells
Cargo hold can now be shown in expanded or minimized view
Minimized view shows the Cargo hold label and cell status
Added new option to ‘Show\hide cargo hold’
Cargo hold is hidden by default
By default it’s bound to
Added an option ‘Maintain speed’ useful for travelling long distances.
If ship speed exceeds maximum, the ship will maintain speed automatically
Maximum speed can be exceeded on afterburners
Reducing speed below maximum disables auto-boost
Speed can still decrease because of collisions
Added an option ‘Auto-afterburners’ that allows pilots not to hold the boost button.
If the option is enabled, movement in all directions uses afterburners
The option is on by default
Auto-afterburners can be quickly toggled in battle
You need to press the ‘Auto-afterburner’ key
By default this is set to Z
Added a ‘Always display lead marker’ option to increase shooting effectiveness
The option is on by default
Added EM missile explosion sound
Dreadnought battle
Changes are still not set in stone and have been made according to stat tracking and pilot feedback
Attacks can no longer be announced more than an hour before battles begin
Attacks can no longer be announced less than 15 minutes before battles start


Bonus to increase durability of the engineering modules by 100% was replaced by reloading rate of engineering modules -20%.

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug with squads taking too long to queue
Fixed a bug with being able to obtain ‘Destroyer’ outside PvE missions
New ships are now counted towards Federation Pilot and Imperial Pilot
Fixed a number of text strings
Fixed a bug with overload dropping the bomb in Detonation
Fixed a bug with active overload not preventing picking up the bomb in Detonation
Fixed a bug that led to losing bomb due to several effects of ECM modules

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