Star Conflict v.1.1.4

Star Conflict v.1.1.4

Pilots! In today’s update the game gets two brand-new Empire and Federation fighters, as well as three new modules for your ships! Corporate dreadnoughts will also receive new modules. As for the global map of corporate control over sectors, T4 level locations will become available for capture. We also fixed several important bugs, and made changes to the gameplay ‘Capture the beacons’. All corporation pilots, who managed to build dreadnoughts during the competition ‘Arms race’ will receive a special commemorative achievement ‘Space Engineers’


Almost a month has passed since the corporate shipyards released their first dreadnoughts. More than a hundred super-ships of fringe sector corporations are already actively involved in battles for control over locations. It’s time to increase the power of fleet leaders! Now corporations can install new modules on their dreadnoughts and take part in battles for new locations of a higher technological level!

Added new modules for dreadnoughts
_ Weapon Booster _
Armor-piercing main caliber charges
Increase dreadnought hull damage by 50%
_ Resistive Coating Emitter _
Blocks increased damage from armor-piercing enemy dreadnought weapons
Gives a chance to fully block incoming damage
_ Shield Emitter Catalyst _
Increases fleet support points
Dreadnoughts Т4
Corporations can now modify dreadnought modules to T4 level
Corporations can now take part in battles for T4 locations
T3 level dreadnoughts can take part in battles for T4 locations

Global map
Dreadnoughts can now carry modules and weapons of the 4th technological level. More powerful ships need new targets! T4 level locations are now available for capture on the global corporation map.
Locations are situated in the following zones:
Corsa Triama
New Ceres

We already told our pilots about new Empire and Federation fighters starting a new experimental ship branch. Just to remind you, the new ships were built using the latest technologies developed from the captured Biomorph samples.
The new attack aircraft was made by the same team of scientists and technicians, who had previously worked on Phobos in industrial centres of the Warden Order. The latest data on the alien technology was used, which allowed to significantly strengthen the hull and shield, as well as to increase maximum power of the generator.
Unlike Phobos, Achilles has 4 active combat modules and a special combination of unique bonuses to hull and shield resistance.
Class: Fighter
Role: Gunship
Side: Empire
Level: Т3
Rank: 9

Federation Scientists put together the best of the rank 7 ships Silent Fox and Wolf. The new fighter was designed for experienced pilots, who can use the ship’s potential to the max. And the use of Alien tech allowed to further strengthen the ship’s defences.
The ship has four active modules and a set of additional bonuses.
Class: Fighter
Role: Tackler
Side: Federation
Level: Т3
Rank: 9

Aside from new ships, we also continue working on new modules. Alien tech was also a huge influence on their creation.
Extended Hull
Useful for those who love hauling trophies from open space. The main bonus is the cargo hold increase. Additionally, ships equipped with Extended Hull get additional hull strength increase in all game modes.
The module is available from the third tech level and can be installed on a ship of any role that has the corresponding slot.
Increases hull strength
Adds three spaces to cargo hold
Multiple modules can be installed
Cargo hold space limit is 9 spaces
Can only be purchased for Galactic Standards

This battle module is suited for recon interceptors. Starting with level T3, scouts can use this module is to mislead the enemy. This will greatly increase survivability of a ship in combat. The main feature of the module is producing two illusions of the player’s ship
Holograms have durability and mimic the pilot’s activity
Target lock is disrupted when holograms activate
Missiles already in flight also lose target focus
Holograms explode and deal damage upon destruction

System Hack
Used to hack and gain control of enemy objects. ECM interceptors can now use this module to gain control of game objects belonging to the enemy team.
Gains control of enemy objects:
All drones except for engineer’s combat drones
Warp gate
Repair and charge stations
Any mines
Hacked objects belong to the hacker
Hacked objects keep functioning
Objects earn effectiveness for the hacker
Objects self-destruct after 20 seconds
Hack does not prolong object active time
Hack applies to all objects in radius
Already hacked objects can be intercepted
Only enemy objects can be hacked

Balancing pass has been done on Inertial Stabilizer
Strafe speed boost reduced by 16%

A number of states now disrupts beacon capture
Metastable field
Sensor suppression
All battle start times are now displayed for zones
If several locations in a zone have different battle start times, they will all be displayed
Wings of different sizes can now get into dreadnought battles
Minimum number of pilots in a wing: 4
You can now build dreadnought modules without a dreadnought in dock
Reworked the system that prevented wings or squads from getting into battle because of a disconnected pilot
While at least one pilot remains in the wing or squad remains in the game, the whole wing will remain in queue, and the pilots will be able to return after a disconnect
A wing or a squad will only be removed from queue if all pilots leave the game
THe rule applies to all game modes

You can now manufacture several items at a time
_Added a new achievement Space Engineer _
Awarded to all corporate pilots that finished dreadnought construction by April 23, 2015
Added corporation logo for ‘Dead Space’
Added correct logos for OWL and HOWL

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug with battles between location defenders
Fixed a bug with bomb pick-up sound in dreadnought battles
Fixed a bug with corporation tag removal
Fixed a bug with defenders’ access to battle
Fixed a bug with destroying turrets of a docked dreadnought
Fixed a bug with dreadnought appearance while in dock
Fixed a bug with incorrect chat channel order
Fixed a bug with incorrect display of stickers on Razor
Fixed a bug with incorrect icon display on the open space map
Fixed a bug with incorrect time display in notifications
Fixed a bug with location battles
Fixed a bug with location name display on interface scale changes
Fixed a bug with rewards for level 1 PvE missions
Fixed a bug with squads and wings removed from queue after a pilot disconnect.
Fixed a bug with too many drones on Hunters and Predators
Fixed a bug with torpedoes getting shot down by Missile Shield
Fixed a bug with turret dreadnought descriptions
Fixed a number of dreadnought dock bugs
Fixed a number of text bugs
Fixed a rare bug with location description flicker
Fixed bug with pick-ups in open space
Improved location allegiance display
Improved payment confirmation mechanic for GS purchases

Update discussion

Attention pilots!


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Reset the launcher or update your steam-client.

It is neccessary for the game work!