Star Conflict v.1.1.3

Star Conflict v.1.1.3

All corporations with dreadnoughts have to be ready for the beginning of a global war for control of all locations in the fringe sectors! We are starting the countdown to the moment when your ships can leave the docks and launch into hyperspace to their first targets. Pilots of strike groups and support wings — take your seats in the cockpits on launch decks! Let’s go!

Sector control

Starting with this update, corporations can fight for control of locations on the global map. After the global and deadly Alien attack on almost all the inhabited systems in the galaxy, races can no longer maintain law and order in all their territories. The war brought chaos and lawlessness. Those who are stronger set the rules. Those who have dreadnoughts. Take control of star systems. Get additional income. Attack other corporations. Show everyone who rules the fate of people in the fringe sectors.

General rules:

A requirement for establishing control over locations is having a dreadnought.

[space=40]Corporation CEO and his deputies watch over the construction process and the dreadnought’s further upgrades. They make decisions on defending and assaulting locations on the global map.

[space=40]Corporate pilots take part in planned battles and accumulate resources for construction.

[space=40]Pilots without corporations can take part in battles by being recruited by the location’s defenders.

[space=40]The results of location control battles are reflected on the global map.

Global map

The existing sector map is used for battles. Now you can use it not only to see your current assignments but also to check which corporations establish control over locations…

[space=40]The map mode button is in the bottom right corner of the screen


All locations apart from capital zones, docks and locations with special objects can be captured. Each location

_ Stations _

Stations are marked with a race’s icon

Stations can’t be captured

_ Regular locations _

Regular locations are marked with rings of different colours

If a location has an owner, its ring has a race’s logo inside

The logo is zoomed in if you mouse over the location

The ring acts as indicator of the defending force’s strength

Location defence status can have values from 0 pts.(empty ring) to 100 pts. (filled ring)

Regular locations have levels: Т3, Т4 and Т5

_ Special locations _

A special location is marked with a circle

Special locations can’t be captured

Usually, special locations have unique objects in them: Cyber portals, corporation docks etc.

Battles are ongoing for control of locations. All locations are divided into T3-T4-T5 levels, and any ships and dreadnoughts with equipment of corresponding tiers can take part in battles. If a dreadnought with T5 equipment decides to a zone of level T3, its level of equipment for this battle will be automatically downgraded to T3. Corporations will have to take ships of smaller levels, or else fight with pilots of equal strength. At the moment only T3 locations are available for attacks. These locations used to be controlled by the military units of each race. They are transferred to corporations to establish order and control over the territories in order to ensure the safety of the main stations, mining complexes and transit routes.

Captured locations yield profits for their owners

Profit varies for different locations

All the required information can be found in the tooltip

Location name

Location level

Location defence force

Next location battle time

Mouse over the location to see the tooltip

Dreadnoughts can be moved across the global map

Moving a dreadnought is called ‘Changing deployment’

Initially the dreadnought is deployed at the corporate dock

Dreadnoughts can be deployed to a dock or a location belonging to the corporation

Changing deployment required iridium

The further the journey, the more iridium is required

Location defences

Neutral locations have no defence forces

Location receives +60 pts. to defence strength upon capture

Defence strength is increased by +10 pts. per 24 hours of being owned by a corporation

Dreadnought increases the location’s total defence strength

Deploying a dreadnought increases defence strength growth rate by 5 pts. per 24 hours

Deploying a dreadnought adds +30 pts. to maximum location defence strength

Rings around the location can have one of the three colours:

White — neutral

Green — allied

Red — hostile

Dreadnoughts: construction, equipment, upgrading.

Dreadnoughts can be built by any corporation with at least 10 pilots of rank 9.

Construction consists of 4 stages, each taking a week. Construction can be boosted for iridium, but not more than by 75%.

When all the stages are done, players get the base dreadnought with T3 equipment. Base configuration includes 3 essential systems — shield emitter, weapon cooler and control tower. A ship in this state can already be taken into battle.

Dreadnoughts can be equipped with modules. CEO and his deputies can:

Select, build and install additional modules with special dreadnought features.

Select, build and install additional weapons in the form of heavy and light turrets.

Characteristics of base dreadnought modules:

Shield Emitter Т3. Boosts dreadnought shield regeneration.

Weapon Cooler T3. Increases main caliber damage.

Control Tower T3. Controls additional drones attacking enemy dreadnoughts. Losing this module reduces fleet points.

Additional weapon modules characteristics:

The following modules can be installed into additional weapons slot:

Light turret. Used to destroy fast-moving targets.

Heavy turret. Heavy weapons used against frigates.

Characteristics of other modules:

The first additional slot can hold:

Torpedo launcher. A heavy projectile launcher.

The second additional slot can hold:

Bomb rack. used to hold the bomb.

Dreadnought can be sent into battle without modifications and additional modules. Later on you will be able to modify both key objects and additional modules.

Location battle rules

You have to announce an attack to participate in battle

Announcement can be cancelled

Corporation’s CEO or VP can announce and cancel attacks

Announcing an attack requires iridium

The further the attacked location is from dreadnought deployment, the more iridium is required

The more locations a corporation owns the more it costs to attack another one.

Therefore it’s handy to deploy dreadnoughts to the sector where you plan to capture locations

If an attack is cancelled, iridium is not reimbursed

A location attack can be announced at any time except for:

The location is already attacked by 8 wings

A location battle is already ongoing

A location battle is scheduled in two hours

Not more than 8 wings can participate in location attack

A corporation can send more than one wing

Trying to announce a 9th attack will result in a failure

There is no queue for location attacks

Only the location’s owner has full information on all the announced attacks on this location

There are 3 time zones for the following regions: Russia, Europe, America. Locations are divided in such a way, that each includes all three zones.

Special pilot groups take part in battles - wings

Having formed wings at the time of attack announcement is not necessary

Wing participation has to be registered before the battle. You have 4 minutes to do so

The number of wings depends on corporation level:

Level 1 corporations (maximum number of pilots — up to 20) can support no more than one attack at a time

Level 2 corporations (maximum roster from 21 to 30 pilots) can support no more than 2 attacks at a time

Level 3 corporations (maximum roster from 31 to 40 pilots) can support no more than 3 attacks at a time

Level 4 corporations and higher (maximum roster 41 pilots and more) can support no more than 4 attacks at a time

Further corporation extension has no effect on the number of attacks. The number of defensive battles is not limited.

Neutral location capture features

If there’s only one announcement by the time a battle should start, there is no battle

In this case the location is given to the only Corporation with an announcement

If a neutral location has to announcements from a single corporation, a battle starts following the general rules


Location battle

Location assault

Location assault starts if the location has a defence value higher than zero

Assault has one stage

Attacking wings register for battle

Defending wings register for battle

Defenders can put forward a single wing against each attacking wing

Leaders of defending wings have to be officers of the defending corporation

Defending wings can have independent mercenaries and members of any other corporation

All ships of all wing members have to meet the location’s requirements

When registration ends, a battle is held between attackers and defenders

If the attackers win, the location receives 10 damage points

If there are no defending wings, attacker wings fight each other

Regardless of the battle’s outcome the location receives 20 damage points

If an attacking wing has no pair, it automatically wins

The location also receives 10 damage points

If location defence value equals 0 when the assault ends, the battle for location ownership starts

The location becomes neutral

The former location owner does not get into battle

The attacker wings that lost their battles don’t get into the new battle

Wings that did not register for battle can’t get into the battle for location

If the location battle ended in a draw or nobody showed up, the location becomes neutral

If the location defence value is higher than zero after the assault stage, further battles are not started

Location owner does not change

Location assault features:

Maximum location defence value can’t exceed 130 pts.

100 pts. from location defence forces + 30 bonus pts. from location deployment

A location can’t lose more than 80 pts. at once

There is no assault stage in battles for neutral locations. Battles from all the registered participants start immediately

General location battle rules

Participating corporations get access to battle stats when the battles start

Location battles are held using Single Elimination system

Depending on the number of participants, a table is automatically constructed for battles in 1, 2, or 3 stages

You have to register a wing to take part in battle

A wing can have from 4 to 8 pilots

Only corporation officers and higher ranks can lead the wing

The wing has to consist only from the corporation members

All ships of all wing members have to meet location restrictions

The corporation whose wing wins the final battle becomes the winner of the location battle

The winner becomes the new location owner

Location receives an initial bonus of 60 defence force pts.

If for some reasons the winner of the final battle is not determined, the location battle has no winner

Location defence features

Defending corporations don’t have to deploy the dreadnought to the contested location. It automatically takes part in each battle.

[space=40]Corporations can hire independent pilots and pilots from other corporations. They just have to invite these pilots to wings.

Dreadnought battle

Two dreadnoughts of opposing corporations will clash in an uncompromising struggle for control of location. The main battle is between the mercenary wings supporting the giant ships. But the main dreadnought weapons will have their say in the match. Destroying the enemy dreadnought is impossible. You have to cripple it and force the ship to leave the battlefield.


[space=40]Key dreadnought features:

_ Fleet points : when they are depleted, the battle is lost_

_ Shield charge : the shield defends the dreadnought from enemy weapons. When it’s down, damage reduces fleet points_

_ Shield regeneration rate : the shield is continuously recharged by the shield emitter_

Base dreadnought systems:

_ Control Tower _

_ Shield Emitter _

_ Weapon Cooler _

A key system can be disabled by hovering close to it for some time

When a system is disabled it stops performing its function

When a key system is disabled the team loses fleet points

These systems can be disabled using regular mercenary weapons

Destroying additional systems deals damage to the dreadnought

Main caliber weapon

Used to deal damage to the opposing dreadnought

Damaging the dreadnought depletes fleet points

A main caliber volley immediately vaporizes any unlucky ship that gets in its way

Defensive turrets

Used to engage enemy pilots and attack drones

Can fire various projectiles and missiles

Can be destroyed


Bombs appear in a special device — Bomb rack — that can be installed on the dreadnought

Bomb can damage the dreadnought

Bomb has to be captured and taken to the dreadnought


If a dreadnought has a torpedo launcher, it can bombard the enemy capital ship with torpedoes

Torpedoes can deal damage to dreadnoughts

Dreadnought torpedo can be taken down with standard weaponry

Dreadnought hull holds several modules that can be destroyed to damage the dreadnought


Pilots in dreadnought battles have to suppress the enemy capital ship’s key points, defeat support wings, drones and turrets. Regular weaponry on mercenary ships can’t damage dreadnought armor.

Each dreadnought’s strength is measured in fleet points. The following actions reduce the opponent’s fleet points:

Dealing damage to dreadnoughts

Destroying any dreadnought objects

Eliminating pilots

Eliminating drones and turrets

Victory and loss conditions:

Dreadnought with no fleet points retreats, and its team loses

If both teams still have fleet points when time runs out, the team with more fleet points wins

If both teams have equal fleet points when time runs out, the team that eliminated more enemy ships wins

If it’s impossible to determine the winner, a draw is announced: both teams lose


In all dreadnought battles additional devices on pilot ship do not work and are not spent!

Update discussion

Update #1


  1. Fixed unstable performance of ‘Sector Control’.

  2. Drone launch period increased from 1 minute to 2,5 minutes.

  3. A dreadnought can be sent to a location not later than 30 minutes before the start of sector control battles.

  4. Increased credit rewards for location control x1,5 times.

  5. Increased iridium rewards for location control x1,5 times.

  6. Fixed graphical display of turrets on dreadnoughts.

  7. Fixed fonts display with significant scaling.

Update #2

Dreadnought Battle

Gameplay settings were added
Downed pilots of opponent’s corporations are now decreasing fleet’s defense points by 15
Destroyed objects of the Dreadnoughts reduces fleet’s defense points by 10
The price of flighing on the Dreadnought between sectors and attacking was nerfed
The price of attack depends on the number of owned locations. Ie. the more locations a Corporporation ownes - the more expensive attacks would cost

There are new locations with battles in the Far East time zone
Locations under Federation jerusdiction:
Vanguard Outpost
Processing Rig
Barter Zone
Colonization Hub
Abandoned Beacon


Under the location hint, there is now a full list of atacking corporations for that location.

Bug fixes
The bug when pilots weren’t able to access their Corporative shipyard was fixed.