Star Conflict v.1.1.1

Star Conflict v.1.1.1

Starting today, all corporations have access to the second stage of dreadnought construction — installation of the main interspacial warp accelerator. It’s time to start assembling the parts of your future dreadnoughts. The docks received blueprints and instructions. Engineering ETA — one week.
Another phase of tech module manufacturing was successful! The second stage is one of the most difficult, as the dreadnought engines require care in their construction. The main task of engineers and technologists is proper installation of engines and their connection to the generator. Any deviation from the blueprints is strictly prohibited, as it may adversely affect combat capability of the dreadnought.


We also implemented several changes into weapon balance, ship parameters and PvE battles settings.

Dreadnought construction
Improved construction boost mechanics
Now, instead of time reduction you see the new construction time
Construction boost now has a limit

Gauss Cannon
Changed weapon mechanics according to testing in real battles. To make a more versatile weapon our engineers abandoned 8 charges in favour of 3 and also made accumulating 2 charges automatic.
Cannon now has 3 charges
Parameters have been changed so that DPS is the same
Iridium charges
Charges were too powerful compared to other ammunition.
Reduced spread from 75% to 50%
Beam Cannon
On the first Technical Level ships do not have too many modules or slots, which puts several roles at a disadvantaged. Here’s how we dealt with the situation:
Beam Cannon T1 range increased by 200 m.
Beam Cannon T1 damage increased by 3%
Following battle testing results, our engineers decided to strengthen several ship models. Thus, the following ships received a +6% bonus to critical hit chance:
The following ships received a +10% bonus to main weapon damage:

Thanks to constant tracking of PvE battles we decided to introduce several tweaks. We’re hoping that these changes should improve your enjoyment of the mode.
Processing rig. Rank 10-15
1st stage: increased enemy transport durability by 20%
2nd stage: reduced enemy numbers
‘Blackwood’ Shipyard. Rank 10-15
1st stage: slightly increased enemy numbers
2nd stage: reduced enemy durability and damage, including turrets
3rd stage: reduced time to boss escort arrival
Captured dreadnought. Rank 10-15
3rd stage: slightly increased enemy numbers; missile turrets have also been made stronger
Operation ‘Ice Belt’. Rank 10-15
1st stage: slightly increased turret durability
3rd stage: slightly increased enemy numbers; escort now appears together with the boss.

Tweaked dreadnought dock sounds

Game start
Changed starting text. The pilot now chooses a station instead of a side of conflict
Pilots now have all three starters ships available

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug with some biomorphs having too high durability.
Fixed a bug with corporate shipyard defenders attacking members of the corporation
Fixed a bug with a disappearing tournament button
Tweaked Invasion tutorial mission
Fixed text strings
Improved tournament team matching

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