Star Conflict v.1.1.0 Discussion

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*tries to contain hype*






I love you

Chill mate… We have waited for too long… And there they are! Also many new invasion sectors which is good, but bad at the same time. Don’t forget that there aren’t many players plaing this game… Advertise it right now!!!

The whole thing just changed, looks to be interesting. Get ready to direct everyone to this forum as we are about to be flooded with questions in chat. Corp recruiting and switching is about to go ballistic.

Yaaay!!! Can I log in yet? No? Yes? No? AAAAAAA!!!


P.S. It would be nice if we could find some pictures or videos of the dreadnoughts. This way corp members may be able to vote for the one they like within the corp instead of leaving the decision entirely to the CEOs.





P.S.- Didn’t see anything about gauss changes in the patch notes



P.S.- Didn’t see anything about gauss changes in the patch notes

Or even the new SP ships mentioned in INN. But that is fine. Dreads!!

I am a bit at a loss of words. This is HUGE for the game. Well done devs. It might have taken you a while, but you sure pulled through.

My main questions, though, are about the Iridium/artifact overhaul? Since dreadnoughts are purchased with iridium, and now artifacts (I assume) became iridium, then wouldn’t that make players with tons of artifacts now the ones funding dreadnought production? I imagine corps with many players like this will be first to get them.

Looks like a perfect update. Next, we should see a new MM?

Wow! Nice 2nd season promo video. Did I just see an alien “DeathStar” or whatnot? As I said before: AAAAAAA! 


  • I saw a map in the video that looks like one from the old PvP maps but in alien version. Does this mean that aliens built some of the ancient structures we have been fighting around. I am speculating too much I guess. Better off cuz I can’t take more… Oh, and almost forgot: AAAAAA!


this… is… AWESOME!!!

Will I be able to get a personal dreadnought?

now begins the waiting game until the servers go up…

Holy crap its finally here i hope this will be good and brings some fresh wind into the game :slight_smile:

Cant wait for my first Dreadnaught battle *-*

Looks like they stepped up their game!

This will determine if I stay with the game, as well as a ton of CDF members. Hopefully it’ll be worth it :slight_smile:

Sadly, logos weren’t updated…


Everything else though is incredible. Arkhos Core will likely be building the Liberator or the Nemesis. Prepare yourselves!


*edit* also, did they give out the Sector Conquest titles? Aggressor and the like?

sounds fun

Im kind of sad tho that there are only 3 T5 sectors so far :confused:

Likes so far -


One button launch

Iridium in contracts


Dislikes -

Server preference in menu

Lack of cattleprod to get CEO online