Star Conflict v.1.0.9/1.0.10

Star Conflict v.1.0.9** /1.0.10**
Pilots! In last month’s [blog](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25375-developer-blog-from-november-28th-game-balan%D1%81e/) we spoke of the planned balancing changes concerning weapons, that were necessary before the next big update. Having analysed your feedback, we came up with some changes. 
Take a look at the final list of changes in update 1.0.9!
Weapons and ammunition
Weapons using explosion mechanics hardly ever hit small and fast-moving targets that also have defensive bonuses against such weapons. WIth that in mind, we introduced some more balance tweaking:
‘Eclipse’ Launcher
Explosion radius increased by 20%
Coil Mortar
Explosion radius increased by 20%
No longer damages host ship
Singularity Cannon
Charge radius increased by 11%
Kinetic Supercharger
Explosion radius increased by 25%
Shrapnel cloud radius increased by 12,5%
Analysis shows that Assault Railgun  and Plasma Cannon have below-average effectiveness, so:
Projectile speed of these weapons has been increased by 10%
Too high critical damage of Beam Cannon forced pilots to only install modifiers dealing with critical hit chance.  This is why it turned out to be too effective. Here’s what we did:
Critical damage of Beam Cannon reduced from 120% to 100% of regular damage
Ammunition Curved Reflector was meant as an effective way of dealing with enemies at close range. Weapons with such ammunition turned out to be too effective at medium range as well — it was hard to miss with it. Now this type of ammunition should encourage close combat.
Curved Reflector  
Now reduces firing range by 50%
Combat analysis shows that flight speed of some projectiles is not enough to gauge proper firing lead. This is how we changed some characteristics:
Booster Circuit
Projectile speed bonus increased from 15% to 20%
Uranium Shells
Projectile speed bonus increased from 23% to 35%
Improved Special Operation sounds
Bug fixes
Fixed some interface sounds
Fixed a bug with changing display resolution on login screen
Fixed a bug with possible Forward Fleet reward being fuel for travel between locations
Fixed a bug with being unable to leave custom battle after changing screen resolution
Fixed lagging voiceover in Special Operation
Fixed Forward Fleet reward icon shading
Fixed HUD in Invasion for Oculus Rift
Fixed crosshairs for Oculus Rift
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