Star Conflict v.1.0.8

Star Conflict v.1.0.8


Pilots! We are focused on creating a major update that we plan to please by New Year holidays. You can expect great new things to do, watch out for announcements!
And this week we have decided to introduce a series of tweaks to PvE missions and improve Forward Fleet Assignments added last week. We also fixed bugs on battlegrounds, implant texts and more. These are important changes aimed at improving gameplay.

PvE changes
Weekly Pve player action analysis has shown that some missions requires slight tweaks to make playing them more comfortable and fun.
As a result, PvE mission Operation ‘Ice Belt’, ranks 1-3 has been tweaked
Turret durability reduced by 25%
Turret damage reduced by 20%
Boss weapons weakened by 20%
We also tweaked the mission ‘Blackwood’ Shipyard, ranks 1-3
Enemy damage increased by 10%
Enemy durability increased by 10%
Introduced slight tweaks in mission Processing Rig, ranks 4-9
Round 2. Reduced enemy numbers
Slightly reduced difficulty of the first two rounds in ‘Ellydium’ Raid, ranks 4-9
Rounds 1,2: reduced enemy damage
Round 3: enemy damage increased by 10%
Round 3: enemy durability reduced by 10%
Slightly increased difficulty in ‘Ellydium’ Raid, ranks 10-15
Round 3: increased enemy damage
Round 3: increased projectile speed

Forward Fleet
We analysed your feedback concerning Forward Fleet and were pleased to find that you loved the concept. In this update we’re introducing a number of changes increasing rewards for assignment completion and making controlling your fleet much slicker:
Reduced required ship ranks for a number of Forward Fleet Assignments
Increased success chance for several assignments
Patrol assignments now also award you with credits as well as Escort missions
Increased rewards in credits
Improved Forward Fleet Assignments tooltips and instructions[/space
Recommended ships are now highlighted in green
Added a special key to prevent chat window from minimizing after sending a message. Now you can have it always visible in battles.

Bug fixes
Fixed a number of battleground bugs
Fixed implant text bugs
Improved a number of texts

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