Star Conflict v.1.0.7

Star Conflict v.1.0.7

Pilots! In this week’s update we would like to present to you a whole new kind of assignments called ‘Forward Fleet Assignments’. Mercenary Centre announces building up special squads of mercenary ships. These squads will be performing patrolling and escorting tasks. How is it going to look? Like this…


Forward Fleet Assignments

Now, any pilot who reaches rank 4 in the game can send their ships to perform forward fleet assignments. They may require for your ship to be away for quite a long period of time.

The war with Aliens continues. And your ships in the hangar don’t have to be idle. You can send them to complete assignments of the newly established Forward Fleet. Forward Fleet is a voluntary association of mercenary fleets. It does not consider pilot faction alignment.

Forward Fleet will perform the tasks that it receives from United Mercenary Centre. You can already send your ships on the following tasks:

_ Patrol _

Takes 5-7 days

Always successful

A certain amount of credits is given as a reward

_ Escort _

Takes 2 days on average

Success chance depends on ship group composition

You get credits and various items as rewards

Every day you are offered two jobs. They can be viewed on the right side of the hangar. To start the assignment, the pilot must select one or more of his ships.

Pay attention to some important features. Ships sent to assignments can not be used in combat. The higher the level of synergy of the ship, the greater the chance of successful execution of the task. The better versions of installed modules on ships, the higher the chances of a successful assignment. If the job fails, there is no reward.

Also in this update:


Added a new achievement for pilots participating in Special Operation Galaxy Guardian

Achievement is awarded to all special operation participants if there are no losses among them

The special operation has to be successfully finished

Achievement is not awarded if you use a duplicator

Added new achievements tied to effectiveness leaderboards

_ Recruit : for effectiveness rating over 2500 points_

_ Grunt : for effectiveness rating over 5000 points_

_ Pro : for effectiveness rating over 7500 points_

Achievements are permanent and are not lost when the rating changes

Pilots also receive titles of the same name


Operation ‘Ice Belt’ is now available to pilots of ranks 1-3

Mission added to PvE mission rotation


Interface sound improvements

Special Operation sound improvements

Tuned weapon sounds



Notifications on downed ships no longer appear in combat chat


Changed logic of weekly titles for pilot leaderboard places

Title Legend is awarded to pilots in places 1 through 3

Title Remorseless is awarded to pilots in places 4 through 20

Title Top Gun is awarded to pilots in places 21 through 50

Bug fixes

Improved mechanics of notifications on joining Facebook and VK communities

Fixed a bug with assignment text display in Attacked Sectors

Fixed a bug with being able to purchase or improve player-manufactured items

Fixed a bug with incorrect map lighting during biomorph attacks

Fixed a bug with receiving messages from pilots in your ignore list

Fixed a bug with autorepair mechanics

Fixed ship weapon reflections in Hangar

Fixed Plasma Arc description

Fixed typos in a number of texts

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