Star Conflict v.1.0.6

Star Conflict v.1.0.6

Pilots! We congratulate you with the coming holiday ‘Halloween’. In honour of this holiday we are launching an annual event ‘Holy Inquisition’, formerly known as ‘W.I.T.Ch. Hunt’
All the holiday days and nights we have special discounts of 33% on all the DLC! Do not miss them!
Look for the Pumpkins. They repel evil spirits and biomorphs!
Also in this update:

We present a brand-new mode called ‘Special Operation’. Players on ships of Rank 10 and higher can participate in this mode. Alien forces are attacking our colonies, and they need our protection!
You are going to face an incredibly powerful Alien ship — The Defiler
To take part in the Special Operation you need to assemble a wing of 12 pilots
The wing has to be formed before you launch
The wing can have both independent pilots, and pilots from any corporationsВ
Special Operation has one round
You can’t change your ship during the special operation!
Time limie on a successful operation is 20 minutes after The Defiler appears
For successfully completing the Special Operation, each pilot will get three purple trophy search points (once every 24 hours)
A rating of pilots that fought The Defiler will be formed according to the Operation’s results. This rating counts the Operation completion time
For successfully completing the Special Operation, pilots get the ‘Defender’ achievement
If you don’t die once during the operation, you also get a special achievement ‘Masterful Defence’

Tackler combat drones’ characteristics have been changed due to their lack of effectiveness against interceptors.
Guard Drone
Projectile speed increased by 50%
Firing range increased by 25%
Improved tooltip
Heavy Guard Drone
Projectile speed increased by 15%
Firing range increased by 15%
Removed weapon spread
Improved tooltip
Plasma Arc
Plasma Arc effect area used to be smaller than the visual effect to make using this weapon easier.
Now the visual effect shows this weapon’s true effect area.
Effect area reduced from 135 to 110 metres

Pilot titles
The game now has a pilot rating calculated on the basis of player effectiveness
Pilots occupying the top 100 spots receive special titles once a week [/space]
Titles are held for 7 days
Title-confirming documents are mailed to the pilots
Battle debriefing window now has a special Elite status icon next to pilots with Premium licenses
Pilots can turn off Elite status display in options
Status display is enabled by default
Added a window with current phase description in PvE missions
Added the Мк5 filter to the Armory
Pressing the M key in Hangar opens the Attacked Sectors map
Tactical map appearance settings are now available in game options
Monochrome map is enabled by default
Improved effectiveness leaderboards for rank 6-15 pilots
Initial rating value for new pilots now equals 500 points
You can now launch into Invasion on ships of all ranks
You can still only launch into Invasion when you reach rank 4
Tooltip text has been tweaked accordingly

Bug fixes
Added icon for ‘Liquidator’ achievement
Improved a number of texts
Fixed a bug with unavailable blueprints display
Fixed a bug with repeated display of role description window
Fixed a bug with monocrystal production
Plasma Arc: Fixed a bug with effect area size description
PvE missions no longer display the header of the enemy list

[Update discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25034-star-conflict-v106-discussion/)

6 nov 2014 : A hotfix has been installed on our servers
In this update:
Fixed a bug with beacon capture speed
Fixed a big with Special Operation completion counting towards PvP stats
Sector Conquest table moved 1 hour backwards
Special Operation is now available for two hours after the end of Sector Conquest

7 nov 2014 : A hotfix has been installed on our servers
In this update:
Fixed lags on game servers