Star Conflict v.1.0.5

Star Conflict v.1.0.5



The gate from Terramorphing Station to Abandoned Outpost is now back online

Now you can find out how much time is left until PvE mission rotation

‘Ellydium’ Raid
_The boss ship is now called Elite Hunter _
Boss pulsar no longer deals damage through obstacles
AI damage reduced by 10%-20% depending on difficulty level
Round 3. Reduced the number of enemies

Increased assignment font
PvP gameplay description window added to the HUD
The module/weapon select/updatewindow now shows Mk.5 version

The modules that can only be manufactured are now also displayed
It’s noted that this version of module or weapon can only be manufactured

Only for the modules that can actually be manufactured
Pressing the ‘Manufacture’ key now opens the Workshop interface



[Added new effectiveness rating](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24897-developer-blog-from-october-15th-new-formula-for-skill-rating/#entry291364)
Starting values are individual for each pilot
Starting values depend on the pilot’s previous activity in battle

In 2-3 days the rating values will automatically normalize

Enemies can now attack drones
Drones have the lowest priority as targets
Changes do not include beacon drones and Combat drones of engineering frigates

Bug fixes
Fixed a number of battleground bugs
Improved ‘Mendes-IX’ interior
Improved performance on Complex ‘Alpha-7’
Improved a number of texts
Fixed a bug with available GS bundles not being displayed in Steam

[Update discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24909-star-conflict-v105-discussion/)