Star Conflict v.1.0.2

Star Conflict v.1.0.2

Reduced difficulty of AI ships in all PvE missions starting from Rank 4.
Tweaked mission difficulty:
Captured Dreadnought. Rank 1-3
Round 1. Increased the number of bots
Turret durability increased by 25%
Turret damage reduced by 15%
Processing Rig. Rank 4-9
AI damage reduced by 10%
Operation ‘Crimson Haze’. Rank 10-15
Turret damage increased by 10%
AI damage increased by 20%
Operation ‘Ice Belt’
AI durability reduced by 10%
AI damage reduced by 10%
Boss: durability reduced by 20%
Boss: damage increased by 20%
Pirate Fort Raid
Some AI ships’ durability reduced by 20%
AI damage reduced by 20%


Improved appearance of Premium ships Golden Eagle and Mammoth

New active module ‘Spectre’ Field
Creates a field of invisibility for allied ships
The host ship does not become invisible
Affected ships transfer part of their shield charge to the host
The field is identical in properties to the field of the special module ODG ‘Chameleon’
Available to Guard Frigates from Rank 10
New engine modifier ‘Shared Cooling’
Slows down weapon heating
Modifier available from Rank 7

Tweaked a number of implants available to ship crews
Alpha-inhibitor «Malleus» 1-4
Now affects mines and attack drones
Alpha-inhibitor «Sting» 2-4
Now also affects attack drone
Now increases minefield radius by 10%
Alpha-inhibitor «RR-25» 3-4
Now increases attack drone durability by 75%
Now increases minefield active time by 75%
Neuroaccelerator «WPN-FS3» 3-10
Now affects guard drones of all types:
Guard Drone
Heavy Guard Drone
Neuroaccelerator «RR-50» 3-11
Now speeds up reloading for missiles inside the cassette and the cassette itself
Neuroconnector «Gigas III» 1-14
Now has multiple uses
Reloading time stands at 240 seconds
Neuroconnector «Albatross II» 2-14
Now has multiple uses
Reloading time stands at 240 seconds
Neuroconnector «SR-X» 3-14
Now has multiple uses
Reloading time stands at 240 seconds
Neuroconnector «RB-X» 3-15
Now affects mines and attack drones

Improved PvE mission voiceover
Improved Invasion voiceover

Introduced different prices of ‘Quick Travel’ between hangars depending on pilot Rank
Travel price is now calculated using maximum rank among all sides of conflict
Introduced additional reward for inviting friends to the game after completing the tutorial stage
After completing the tutorial, the pilot is prompted to share an invite on social networks
If the invite is posted, the pilot receives an additional bonus to tutorial completion rewards
Improved GS purchase window for game clients started using the launcher
GS reward sum is now displayed in Achievements window
Improved server region preference mechanic when changing locations
Manufacturing components now contain their usual location information
This information is contained in the tooltip
Added a tooltip for crews
Icons for modules with synergy bonuses now have new backgrounds
Oculus Rift
Oculus SDK updated to version 4.2
Added support for Oculus DK2 on Mac OS X 10.8 and higher
Mac OS
Due to OS restrictions, fullscreen mode can no longer be activated in Mac OS X
Fullscreen window mode is still available
Mac OS X versions 10.6.х and lower are no longer supported

Bug fixes
Improved a number of text strings
Fixed incorrect aim behaviour
Fixed crew bugs
Fixed shadow display bug on low graphics settings
Fixed a bug with incorrect Attacked Sectors map display
Fixed a number of battleground bugs
Fixed sound bugs
Fixed a bug with Tackler bonuses not affecting guard drones

Fixed ‘Adaptive Shield’
Improved browser choice on opening in-game links

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