Star Conflict v.1.0.16

Star Conflict v.1.0.16



Pilots now have portraits!

You can now choose a portrait and a taunt phrase for your pilot!

Portrait is displayed in the top left corner of your profile

It also replaces the profile button in hangar

Pilots may select a portrait they like or leave it blank

You can’t create your own portraits

You can select a taunt phrase

The phrase is displayed on the screen of the pilot you eliminated

Portraits and taunts are purchased for GS and remain yours forever

Know your enemy!

Starting today, defence forces are tracking kills in Invasion mode

Now, if you’re killed in Attacked Sectors, you can see who who the killer was

Only ships and drones are displayed

COrporation logo is now also displayed in the hangar!

If the corporation selects a logo, the logo will be displayed on the corporation button in Hangar

Bug fixes


Fixed a rare bug with damage bypassing shields

Fixed a bug with incorrect eliminated pilots counter in Attacked Sectors

Improved Phaser tooltip

Improved a number of texts

Fixed a number of tooltips


Fixed a bug with ship parts display

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