Star Conflict v.1.0.13

Star Conflict v.1.0.13
Pilot! The dreadnoughts are approaching — the top of each side’s ship engineering. But their arrival is not going well.
Attack of the greens did not go unnoticed. Several locations were completely ruined in each side’s sectors. We keep detecting more Aliens in neutral space close to fringe sectors, and they are clearly getting ready for something serious. The hub sectors are also in trouble, yet they still redirected part of their dreadnought fleet to defend the central stations under the command of their own admirals. The heavy flagship fleet got delayed by a little less than a month, but it already arrived in each of the sectors.
Signal stations have been destroyed in the following locations:
_ Tracking Station in Ontregos System_
_ Iridium Haul in Pallas System_
_ Abandoned Beacon in Olympus System_
‘Threat Levels’ Operation cycle results
Mercenaries, thanks to your selfless fighting, courage and bravery we managed to clear the Fringe Sectors. Cybers and Predators were pushed to neutral space, and the Defiler was destroyed.
The latest weapon update demonstrated worked really well in assisting the destruction of aliens. It was decided to send the prototypes for revision, to correct minor imperfections and limit their massive use for the time of improvement.
‘Orion’ Targeting Complex
Effectiveness reduced by 20%
Premium ship names are now displayed in white font on the tactical map
Removed Premium ship bonus description for allied and enemy ships
Your own Premium ships’ bonus description is still available
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