Star Conflict v.1.0.12

Star Conflict v.1.0.12
Dear pilots, year 2014 is coming to an end. It has been full of hard work and  great achievements. We thank you for your help, together we have made the game better! Today we bring you the last update of the year! It is filled with Christmas mood. This week we return to the Corporation ‘Klauss Inc.’ You can expect new jobs and new weapons! To create a festive atmosphere, we have prepared New Year’s decorations for your hangars. Christmas music and dancing pilots are waiting for you (we have something to learn from them! :slight_smile: And instead of beacons there’s firs everywhere! There’s also a novelty in Sector Conquest — ‘Sector Sweep’. See the detailed description see below! We have also added another pack of corporation logos, and put in work on fixing some errors!
We congratulate all of you on the upcoming Christmas and New Year of 2015! We wish you good luck, health, happiness and success in life and Star Conflict!
But even on the New Year holidays enemies do not rest. Warning! The Defilermay appear in some locations, do not lose vigilance! And now let’s talk more about changes in the game:


New daily reward for the 5th day:
5 Duplicators

Pilots! Command officially announces the start of the second phase of the fight against Aliens. Heavy weaponry will arrive very soon, but we have to lay the groundwork first. The anti-Predator operation will do nicely for a start.
Corporation ‘Klauss Inc.’ offered invaluable support to the Centre! Thanks to mysterious artifacts collected recently, Mrs. Frost’s engineers have created new prototype weapons highly effective against Predators!
Now we can hit each lair!
New weapons available to all pilots during the holidays:
_ Scatter Gun _
Plasma weapon with high spread, firing 12 homing charges
A great interceptor weapon
_ Phaser _
A two-mode weapon. Fires slow energy spheres or fast charges
If a sphere is hit with a fast charge, it explodes
A weapon for Fighters
_ Destructor _
Laser, dealing additional damage to all enemies close to the target
Damage grows if the beam is held on the target
This is a supporting weapon developed for frigates
Sector Conquest
Due to the aggravated situation, corporations have begun to actively compete with each other for control of the sector, even within the area of one race, which had not been previously observed. Mercenaries are now actively involved in battles. Sector sweep has started. 
Sector sweep is only available to ships of Rank 11 and higher
You don’t have to be part of a corporation to participate
Registration opens immediately after Sector Conquest active stage and lasts 10 minutes
Sweep consists of 3 stages
Sweep order:
All participants are divided into teams of 8. Take a look at the following peculiarities of team formation:
Pre-formed quads and wings end up on the same team
If it’s not enough, solo players are added to the team
Pilots from the same corporation, but not in a wing, may end up on different teams
Team rules:
Pilots on both teams have their ships blocked until Sector Sweep ends
If pilots leave the game, the team remains intact until all stages end
Pilots can return to the game at any moment
If all pilots leave the team, the opposing team receives an automatic victory
Pilots can join Sector Sweep at any stage
All teams in Sector sweep form a table according to the following rules:
The team’s ‘power’ is calculated according to participants’ characteristics
Teams are sorted by power in descending order
Pairs are formed for battles, starting with the strongest
A winner is determined after each battle
1 point is scored for a victory
Pairs are formed for the next battle, considering the number of victories and power
Participants receive synergy and credit rewards for battles

A bonus is awarded for each scored point:
+50% for 1 point
+100% for 2 points
+200% for 3 points
The bonus is active till the sweep’s end
Bonuses do not stack
Loot Search only appears after the final battle
Pilots that abandon a battle do not get any rewards
This week we added another corporation logo pack:
Polish Hunters [POL]
Gates of Darkness [iGoDI]
Reumpire [RSE]
EVO unchained [EVOuc]
SkyLynrc [sKLA]
Logos of the following corporations have also been updated:
Owl Initiative [OWL]
The WolfPack [WPK]
Bug fixes
Fixed a bug with the Forward Fleet Assignment ship launch window
Fixed a number of battleground bugs
Fixed a number of texts
Hotfix 24 dec 2014
Fixed game crash
Fixed several bugs
Upgraded holiday guns:
Scatter Gun: damage +15%
Phaser: damage +10%
Destructor: damage +15%

Hotfix 25 dec 2014
Fixed game server bugs
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