Star Conflict v.1.0.11

Star Conflict v.1.0.11


Pilots! Scouts report new enemy ship sightings close to our borders. Apparently, the Aliens are not giving up, but moving to the second stage of their plan to conquer our galaxy! So in the coming weeks, we expect a lot of heated battles and events.

Follow the events through our communities in VK and Facebook. Read our news on Steam and on the game’s website.

And now let’s look at the changes available to you today:


Aliens are powering up their onslaught. It’s time for all pilots to defend their native locations. This is the beginning of a new stage of the Invasion!

These days, we need everyone able to bear arms and pilot ships. Therefore, we are opening access to ‘Invasion’ for pilots from the very first rank.

Cyber cultists accompanied by Biomorphs can be found surrounding our stations. Feel free to destroy the apostates!

We caught several calls for help from the neighboring areas. It seems that they were attacked by some new, yet unseen Aliens, destroying everything in their path. We do not recommend engaging them in battle. Our scientists are working on a special weapon powerful enough to destroy even the strongest Alien ships.

All of us are in for some extremely tough times. We are going to need all the resources. All the fleet strength. Together we can fight back. In the coming days and weeks, all pilots must unite in the face of the enemy. To build, strengthen and equip the fleet!


We always strive to support player corporations. Today we add logos of the following corporations:

Assault Team [sWAT]

EPECb Corp

The flag of Slovenia is now also in the game


Maximum amount of iridium in storage increased to 50000. We strongly recommend that all corporations begin to store Iridium. It’s going to be very useful to you soon!


Added English voiceover for PvE missions

Added English voiceover for pirates, police, and transport ships.

Added English voiceover for the Special Operation

Bug fixes

Tweaked contract texts

Improved a number of texts

Fixed a bug with corporation applications

Fixed text bugs

Fixed names of Zoom in / Zoom out functions in the option meny

Fixed Forward Fleet Assignments window header

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