Star Conflict: The ‘Invasion’ has begun!

Centre announces impending release of Star Conflict



Release of version 1.0 will officially end the open beta-testing stage of the game and will see the launch of the global ‘Invasion’ mode. Players will be able to set off to conquer open space next week, September 4.  Brave explorers can expect new territories to complete quests in, rob trade caravans, fight pirates and other players.

But before leaving the well-known areas of the galaxy, Star Conflict players need to protect their stations from the attacking aliens. Aliens, a mysterious race missing in another dimension for years, have been seen dangerously close to the space bases. First fights have already broken out. This week the closed beta testing participants will hold the line, and on 4 September they will be joined by all the other players of Star Conflict. 
If players manage to repel the biomorphs, they will be rewarded, the amount of the reward will depend on the outcome of the battle. So now is the time to join the ranks of the defenders. To access the CBT, earn the in-game achievements ‘Prometheus Squad’ and ‘Galaxy Conqueror’. To help players cope with hordes of aliens, this week will be the final sale of unique bundles. They will include faster ships, powerful weapons and a unique coloring scheme mimicking the Aliens, which will be available on sale only until September 4. 
Thank you for being with us! 
Your Star Conflict.


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