Star Conflict Radar

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Ultimate in-game addon.


See what you can get on the current map.

List of all equipment which can be find on the current map, found modules are saved in the in-app Atlas.




Find cargo drone anywhere.

Radar will show the location of a cargo drone. If there are no drone on the current map, radar will show the location of a gate to the next drone.



Who are there?

See list of all ships in current instance. Get notifications about arrival of new ships when game is inactive. Mark players who killed you. Choose what you want to know about players around you.


Credits and experience

Know what you earned.

Watch experience and credits which you earned during session. Get notifications when you reached your maximum experience gain while game is inactive or see it without the need to switch into game.




Never miss.

Immediately get notifications about private messages when game is inactive. Be responsive as never before.




Download and more information at


Will we ever get a Windows version?

Probably not but im hopeful.

17 hours ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Will we ever get a Windows version?

No, it need months of work, too lot code to rewrite or even write from ground ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”)

Are client modifications allowed?

2 hours ago, stidgik said:

Are client modifications allowed?

There are no any modifications of game client, like injection of code, modifications of files or memory.

Update, version 1.3


  • Now possible to see currently proposed contracts without needs to launch the game.


  • Notifications about important contracts.


  • New option to show cost of modules (minimal price).




  • Speed of update is significantly increased.
  • Modules ranks now not need independend update.
  • Size of app significantly reduced.
  • Now app can work without accessibility access, but without overlay.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crush after game closed.
  • Fixed errors with translations.
  • Rest misc fixes.


Minor update, version 1.3.1

Bug fixes:

  • Disappeared portraits in today’s version of Star Conflict (version 1.10.1, steam build 8094915).

Update, version 1.4


  • Now radar show ships which propose adventures in open space.

Minor update, version 1.4.1

Bug fixes:

  • Portraits and radar.