Star Conflict Oculus Demo Dreadnought Battle

In our 50th issue of ‘Developers blog’ we wrote that we have prepared a special demo Dreadnoughts battle for those who can’t participate in battles for controlling locations.





Today we are proud to present our version of game ‘Star Conflict Oculus Demo Dreadnought Battle’.

Dreadnought battle is an epic fight in which the main role is played by pilots of opposing corporations. Battle of their dreadnoughts is the main way to compare power and skills of their pilots.

This demo will allow you only to watch this fight and evaluate the power of dreadnoughts.

Of course using virtual reality helmet Oculus will give maximum enjoyment and the most vivid impressions. It makes this epic battle even more spectacular and allows to view the whole power of dreadnoughts as the top of scientific progress! WItness the superiority of dreadnoughts armament which can destroy an enormous asteroid with a single shot!

The demo-version is also adapted to pilots who don’t have an opportunity to use VR helmet Oculus. Even without it, the battle impresses you with gigantic sizes and power of super-ships.

You can download the demo on or



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