Star Conflict OBT v0.9.1

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.1 update 1

General changes
Now ships from Steam DLC are always present in the ship tree

Bug fixes
Fixed hit sound for Singularity Generator
Fixed hit sound for Positron Cannon
Fixed the “Slayer of Immortals” medal

Those who have already earned the medals get to keep them

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.1

General changes

Now the detection field is an ellipsis

Ellipsis size is scaled depending on the aspect ratio of the screen


Now the first battle is against a team of AI ships


Maximum size reduced to 3 pilots


Ships of 10-11 ranks now have reduced probability of getting into battle with ships of ranks 13-15

Camer a

You can now adjust the camera’s maximum distance

Camera adjustment is available in the options menu

Added a new medal: Slayer of Immortals

To receive the medal you have to destroy a ship 3 ranks higher than yours

Premium ships of ranks 1-3 are no longer available

Everyone in possession of these ships will get to keep them

Free synergy gained by premium ships is now increased to 20% of total earned synergy
Increased profitability of pirate ships

Old bonuses are disabled

New bonus: cooling rate increased by 50%

Raptor Mk II:

Old bonuses are disabled

A new bonus: weapon heating reduced by 23%

Some weapons’ range now scales with ship tier:

T1: range is 90%

T2: range is 100% (basic range)

T3: range is 115%

T4 range is 125%

T5 range is 135%

Ion Emitter:

Basic range increased by 15%

Heavy Blaster:

Damage increased by 7%

Time to overheating, increased by 2 seconds

Singularity Generator:

Time to overheating reduced by 15%

Cooling time increased by 18%

Shrapnel Cannon:

Damage increased by 5%

Range increased by 18%

Assault Railgun:

Damage increased by 5%


Damage increased by 10%

Guided Torpedo:

Now has immunity to the anti-missile modules on Guard ships

Gauss Cannon

Rate of fire reduced by 40%

Damage increased by 67%


High-Frequency Oscillator: Now reduces heating rate


Pirate Base : modified weapons of the “Pirate Baron”

Now uses weapons on the basis of Singularity Generators

Colour: Red

Reduced projectile speed

Increased damage

Changed the characteristics of bots in T1 missions

Changed bonuses

15th rank contracts:

Loyalty is removed from contract completion rewards

Monetary reward increased to 50,000 credits


Now, upon achieving maximum synergy, ships earn double the amount of synergy.

Hangar camera: increased maximum zoom
Changed the progress bar
Shop: selling an item installed on a ship no longer gives a warning

Improved effects
Combat interface:

Fixed a situation where the damage is not displayed

Changed the sight movement zone

Adjusted sound balance
Adjusted sound effects
Improved sounds of weapons, missiles and engines

Bug fixes
Minor fixes
Fixed TAB handling
Fixed incorrect display of wrecked ships
Corrections in missile tooltips
Corrections in help system

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